When thoughts land, a fiction is created. The story of ‘me’ starts up as soon as ‘We’ give a landing to believing there is someone there to hold and entertain a thought. Without the knee-jerk response to constantly adding ‘my’ to any thought, the ‘me’ would be mitigated as true fictional story.   

The thought itself is innocent enough. It is harmless in its appearance and disappearance. The coming and going of thoughts corrupts nothing. Metaphorically, the sky is unaffected by passing clouds. If the sky were to start complaining about the irritating clouds, that would diminish the flawless nature of the sky. The sky is never in the process of not being the sky despite what may appear in the sky. The sky is untouched by anything appearing in it.

The story of ‘me’ cannot ever cloud over the sky Being the sky. Although, seemingly we don’t ‘See’ the sky due to our overindulgence in thought-based ideas and trips for the separate ‘me’.

Again, the thoughts are not the problem. Emptiness does not need to be emptied ever, of thoughts. Thoughts do not have the ‘existence-ness’ to upend ’That’ which is Existence Itself. Thoughts, being creations, have a built-in temporariness. There is no power in thoughts themselves. It is when power is seemingly given to thoughts, that thoughts appear to cause turbulence and/or harm.

The contraction of believing in the power of thoughts is the problem. Do we believe in the power of clouds to adversely affect the sky? We can ‘believe’ it, but that would be another fact-free fiction created.

The power of Being cannot be challenged by thoughts unless we create an ‘appearance’ of that happening. But that show is always temporary foolishness that cannot really stand on its own. Even a persistent repetition of this show would reveal an obvious shallowness that does not ever give real sustenance to the fictional ‘me’.

The key piece here is not getting too involved with any thought at the expense of Being Being. When we give a landing space to a thought we over-invest in that thought. A thought never needs to be ‘landed’. Our habitual nature of landing thoughts will continue unabated unless we ‘See’ the process each time it occurs. 

When We are not Being Being, we are being thoughts. There can be no other option. This is said with the knowledge that there is only always Being. Thought-based existence is this seeming problematic appearance. ‘Landing’ a thought is choosing a seeming separation from Self for some specious content that is directed to the fictional ‘me’.

The ‘I Am’ is unattached to anything but pure emptiness. There is ’nothing’ that follows the words ‘I Am’, appropriately so. There is ’nothing’ to add but ‘nothingness’ which Is Its (Our) nature. 

Our true nature is falling into ’nothingness’ with no landings of any thing. Know ’that’. Fall into ‘that’ which is before thoughts, ideas, perceptions, and creations. It Is just ‘falling’ into ‘falling’. Emptiness Being Emptiness.   

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