There is only one ‘knowing’. ‘Our’ knowing is not distinguishable from ’The Knowing’ unless we declare it so. But that would be creating an illusion as there can only be one ‘Knowing’.

Knowing the ‘Knowing’ is knowing Ourselves. Ourselves being Oneness ‘Knowing’, as there can be no ‘other’, especially if Oneness is to abide as Oneness.

We often seemingly separate when we get lost in perceptions, thoughts, and feelings. Just the direction of ‘how we see’ where we are going, is problematic in that ‘that’ direction is away from Oneness. To get lost in the sauce of perception, thoughts, and feelings is to choose objects in defining whom we are, rather than ’see’ what is always before temporary fleeting objects is true unchanging permanence.

Going toward objects and believing they are ‘real’ reduces connection to the eternal frequency of Being, i.e. ’The Knowing’. Connection to fleeting objects is tenuous at best with no hope of stability and reliability in that pursuit. The frequency of temporary objects is inherently also temporary and unstable, telling us that there is a dead end here.  

When every ‘thing’ is made of consciousness there is no real ‘other place’ for even ‘things’ to go to. It Is consciousness ultimately Being consciousness. Everything arises in consciousness. This expression is affirmed when ‘We’ realize everything experienced arises in ‘Us’ (consciousness) versus getting lost in the pretense of stuff.

Getting lost in thoughts and other objects as ‘stuff that matters’, is an attempt to create a false reality that has illusion as its core. This is not sustainable due to illusions lacking permanence. Illusions cannot create a new substance to support illusions. Behind every seeming illusion, consciousness hides and also abides.

Nothing has ever left consciousness as It Is only consciousness. It is not possible to take a ‘seeming object’ out of consciousness. Everything arises in the same place. Ultimately all that is possible to experience is consciousness. The knowing of ‘The Knowing’ in all experience, Is Us.

The only thing real about experience is the ‘knowing’ of it.

Our ‘knowing’ Is ’The Knowing’. Relaxing into the knowing of everything being the ‘Knowing’ first, with thoughts, feelings and other objects contained within Us and not outside Us, carries Us into Us.

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