The reflection called ‘me’ is but a reflection. The Fullness can be found everywhere and Its reflection reflects Fullness. The substance of pure existence is prior to all that is reflected. The ‘me’ is representative of physical reality. The ‘me’ runs on imperfection. It is a creation or reflection. 

What Is behind the creation (or reflection) is perfection. The substantive-ness of perfection is causeless. Causeless-ness Is the field of Nothingness. There is nothing to Nothingness. No ‘thing’ is there to ‘cause’ Nothingness. It Is prior to every ‘thing’.

The ‘me’ is not prior and can cause zero to happen in the happening called life. It is a ‘thing’ that is being used as a vehicle for Consciousness. The ‘me’ cannot contain Consciousness or have anything. 

The ‘me’ masquerades as someone needing something. The ‘me’ does not have Awareness. Awareness belongs to no one. Awareness has everything to include the idea of the ‘me’.

It has never been about the ‘me’ except when viewing life from the ‘me’. That narrow view is a severe contraction wholly based on a cultish belief of separateness. The basis of the ‘me’ then becomes this separateness. This ‘idea’ further establishes a seeming control that is out of control. The ‘me’ in Reality, has never been in control.

The ‘me’ can ‘try’ to supplant Nothingness. This would be like an out of control vehicle trying to control the expressway of life Itself. The narrowness of this view is ridiculous. It is imperfection trying to control perfection.

It will never be about the ‘me’. My ’67 Cougar will never have Awakeness/Awareness. There is nothing to get out of phenomena that does not have an independent existence. 

The ‘me’ is an idea. Whom We Are is not an idea. Whom We Are does not need a sense of ‘other’. There Is no ‘other’ unless we create a false ‘other’.

The adding of anything to It only seemingly subtracts from It. Even having a ‘view’ is too much.

There is no-one Here except the eternal-ness  being Being. Be awake to ’That’ in every moment.

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