Perceiving cannot stop perceiving. Have we ever witnessed Perceiving not perceiving? Do we get the permanence of all that?

Try stopping the Perceiving. Is that even possible?! Our direct experience tells us unabashedly that stopping ‘The Knowing’ is tantamount to stopping everything. This clarity is compelling. It Is a real Truth. 

If all that is as real as real can get, then why do we perseverate on ideas on whom we think we are, rather than on the imperturbable Truth of Perceiving?

What can be perceived cannot be perceiving. The common problem that often plagues us is the perseveration on the perceived rather than staying with  the Perceiving. If we were dropping back to Perceiving at the same rate that we are usually moving towards the perceived, we would vastly change our perspective, let alone the quality of our energy.

A more complete immersion in the Perceiving would alter profoundly our connection with “What Is”. There would be no argument with any phenomena arising; as separateness from phenomena would no longer be seen as separateness. The unity in the diversity is the play of perceiving Perceiving. Perceiving is ‘receiving’ Perceiving, as everything is boiled down to knowing the Knowing. There is nothing outside of knowing the Knowing, or what is referred to here as the Perceiving.

So when we keep dropping back constantly to the Perceiving we begin to understand that we Are the Perceiving. The Perceiving, being permanent, gives Us immediate comfort because of this permanence. The stability of it all secures our devotion to this pathless path. ‘It’ has always been Here and certainly is Here Now.

There is nothing that can be added to the Perceiving as It Is whole. Attempting to add something to It results in separation from It. It needs nothing as It Is everything.

Additionally, we cannot put ‘It’ in a box and say it is this or that. That would be an attempt at objectification. ‘It’ Is not an object. ‘It’ Is aliveness that gives substance to everything, as ‘It’ ultimately Is everything. 

Our concerns cannot be added to ‘It’. The Perceiving is not a separate creation. It Is creation Itself creating Itself. The Perceiving Is what is happening in this happening. No after story is necessary to proclaim It.   

Perceiving Is just perceiving Itself effortlessly. Staying with the Perceiving is allowing life to happen as It happens. The Perceiving  does not have dog in the race. It Is just the Perceiving.

Know thy Self. ‘It’ Is everything always Now. See the ’Seeing’. 

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