There is an overt tendency for us to to see the world through the lens of good and bad. This tendency, has inherent in it, an immediacy to make the jump from “What Is”, to evaluation and then to judgment/conclusion. All that can happen in a heartbeat.

The problem here is not only limited testing but also the manifesting of a conclusion based on a false need to make a decision ‘now’, in order to have some seeming security. Security in protecting our self from some ‘perceived’ potential harm. And security from our own criticism of not having an informed decision. We appear to need to ‘know’ what we ‘think’.

This ’need’ to ‘know’ what we ‘think’ is an unnecessary and very limited overlay. ‘It’ overlays and pretty much obscures our emptiness of Self. The emptiness has no dog in the race. The ‘Knowing’ ‘Here’ is bias free.

What we ‘think’, is a preoccupation with the idea of a self. The narrowness of this view is appallingly small. And the ‘thinking’ part is usually not tempered by the larger Reality. It is a formula for the production of fear and separation.

The ‘stamp of approval’ commonly given by a separate self, is a device that automatically locates self in self. It is usually an unseen pattern of behavior that keeps us fledging on the periphery of Self. Constantly making unnecessary judgments about everything and everyone, keeps us imprisoned in a little prison we have built for ourselves.

The key is, the ‘one’ that is stamping approval/disapproval, is non-existent. Every time ‘the stamp’ comes out, the little me appears wielding its imaginary powers. 

Identity with this ’stamper’, as a seemingly important self, allows the charade to continue unabated. Most of the 7 billion souls participating in this activity results in a faux normalcy we unconsciously support and create. All this ‘approving’ effort gives a false legitimacy for more contracted behavior.

We defend ourselves with our knowledge. We think we ‘know’ the Truth. Actually Being the Truth is the most truthful. Everything Is happening in the Truth. Nothing is happening to ‘you’ but in ‘You’. Truth Is You with no other. And there is no-one there to approve anything.

When emptiness is paramount as identity, we become nothingness. And then there is absolutely nothing to approve. Becoming what we already Are is always the answer to any seeming question. There is nothing else but ‘this’. And so, there is no approval needed Here.

Being Is content free. Being Being is always enough. Loving Being is Love.         

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