Emptiness Is Presence with no-one Present. Emptiness could not be Emptiness ‘carrying content’. Emptiness Is formless and unbounded by any structures or objects. It Is so empty that to even define it would be too much structure for the structure-less.

At the same time there is an aliveness, awareness, and knowing that is undisturbable. Presence does not assert Itself. There is no need to assert what is always Present. Even the seeming content in Presence, Is ultimately Presence masquerading as appearance, with the ‘permanence’ of coming and going. In other words, the ‘temporary’ is the play of Consciousness Being Consciousness.

Consciousness of Consciousness Is Presence. The ‘Knowing’ is always Present even in appearances. Knowing the ‘Knowing’ consciously, Is the ‘Knowing’. Presence cannot be asserted by appearances of temporary forms, as these forms do not have an independent existence. Nor can they, as that would assert ‘another’ existence when there Is only the Oneness that Is Present as ‘existence’.

‘I Am’ that which is Present/Aware/Conscious. ‘I Am’ this ‘Emptiness’ before expression of form, during the manifesting of form and after the appearance of form. ‘I Am’ the changeless ‘Emptiness’ that Is always Present as Presence. Nothing can hide ‘Me’ as I Am everything everywhere.

‘I Am’ alive with the Knowing which Is my Presence. This cannot be understood by the mind, that is, the current thought and perception. ‘I’ exist before and after any thought and/or perception. Knowing ‘this’ ‘I’ am free to Be any manifestation and not be bound by it. This is aliveness and freedom of being life Itself. Could life be any ‘other’?

Meeting life as it is, is meeting ‘it’ with emptiness. Emptiness does not get less empty or less full. It just ‘Is’. This ‘Isness’ Is unbounded freedom to Be anything, anyone, and absolutely everything.

Given all ‘that’, what would throwing a ‘someone’ in all ‘that’ do to all ‘that’?

It does not make sense to upend the whole of Oneness by throwing in an ‘outlier’ concept like ‘someone’. Adding a ‘someone’ is a fictional effort supported wholly by systemic belief. It is on par with other conspiracy theories that always fall short of the mark of reality when confronted with obvious operational details. But as with your typical conspiracy theory, there is an appearance of a seemingly rational rejoiner, that is thrown in, to combat the most glaring reveal of inconsistency.

The inherent instability of installing ‘someone’, requires a constant adjustment of beliefs to sustain the fiction. There is no Presence here in this concept. Beliefs and ideas cannot sustain existence. Existence sustains Itself, as ‘that’ Is It’s nature.

Changing appearances in life changes nothing. What cannot change is the knowing of the Knowing. And this is not for the mind to know or understand. Presence is before, during, and after appearances. Presence is not situational nor a practice. It Is our true permanent unrelenting nature of Self.

Loading a ‘someone’ into Presence is actually not possible. There Is only Presence.

Presence Is. Start there. End there. It Is Everything.

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