Silence is not nothing. Silence allows everything to arrive and depart to include irritating noises and/or pleasant sounds. Thoughts, beliefs, and perceptions are often found to disturb the Silence. A mind filled with perseveration and ceaseless activity seemingly occludes any enduring sense of quietness. When Silence seems to finally gain some ground, a sense of relief and relaxation accompanies the moment that was previously lost to senseless dross.

There is an effortless ease in allowing the space where it all happens, to be content (noise) free. To be content free and to thrive on the emptiness that is found Here, leaves Us with a resonance that is imperturbable. There is a non-cognitive understanding that this resonance never sees change despite the carnage of noise. 

The resonance can be said to be pure allowing without any structural interference. Silence can possibly be said to be a form of emptiness that cannot be filled or touched no matter how much sound or noise may appear. The resonance of Silence is prior to all appearances of any content. In the phenomenal world, content will arrive and abate as is the nature of anything temporary. Silence is a permanent platform secured by seminal existence Itself.

Nothingness is un-breachable. Contrarily, the mind, given unrestricted access to analyze, evaluate, and make specious conclusions about itself, is seemingly spending Silence like there is no tomorrow. The only spatial silence, again seemingly, is between thoughts, ideas, and perceptions.

Because silence is not a ‘thing’ the mind overlooks It because it cannot find It.

Silence Is who we Are with no thing added. The resonance of Silence Is a felt-sense that references our true starting point i.e. Emptiness. This Is Existence that holds nothing but Existence. To hold any ‘thing’ else Is to not Be Existence. Silence Is alive Here.

A conversation, an ongoing conversation with the mind, is an actualization of a preference for mind activity over Silence. Having a preference is having a view. And ‘that’ finalizes separation from Silence.

Separation is a concept of the mind. Living the ‘not knowing’ allows true Knowing to arise past conceptual limitations indigenous to mind preservation.

The un-doing of the mind is allowing Silence to resonate loudly It’s no other-ness. Silence embraces all thoughts, ideas, beliefs, and/or perceptions. It Is the garland that graces any acts by not acting, by saying nothing, and not investing in separation.

There is nothing to surrender Here as it all comes from the Silence of Being. See ‘that’. Feel the actual resonance and vibratory signature of deep Silence. It Is our most essential nature sourcing existence Itself. It Is everything resonating with soundless nothingness. Know ‘this’ resonance that Is silent Presence needing no knower but Itself.    

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