You or ‘Us’, Is the Oneness. Everything starts from Here. The permanence of formless Being, being Here and everywhere Now, has always been the receiving Itself. This Oneness has no other experiencing other than receipt of It’s own Oneness.

The aspect of ‘receiving’ everything always and completely, is the permanent characteristic of being everything while ‘holding on’ to nothing. The ‘Receiving’ is a resting in receiving absolutely everything. There is no vetting of receiving only ‘that’ which passes a certain quality or standard. There is no vetting, as all phenomena is equal, as all phenomena rises and falls from the Oneness. To reject any phenomena is to reject the Oneness. All phenomena is ultimately the Oneness, as there Is only the Oneness. The resting, is the effortlessness of simply Being our True Nature.

The Oneness Is the same Oneness for everyone. When we acknowledge the Oneness, It Is the same Oneness that is acknowledged by all life everywhere, period. No one is experiencing anything different. That means no ‘other’. Again, everyone everywhere is only experiencing the exact same Oneness. The resonation of this truth is a felt sense in the spiritual heart. 

The Receiving of Oneness by Oneness never stops. How could It? It Is the imperturbable eternal Self Being Self. The Receiving Is You. This ‘Us’ has pure emptiness. This spaciousness welcomes everything yet holds nothing. Nothing, to include everything, ever sticks or stays here. Nothingness remains nothingness despite the everything that passes through this spaciousness. When that is seen, then emptiness is seen as the True Self.

There is no ‘doing’ Here. You don’t ‘start’ receiving. ‘We’ have always been Receiving. But this time you know it is You. And You do nothing, especially ‘doing’ Receiving. When You are truly Receiving, nothing is being ‘done’. You are ‘doing’ infinitely less than when you were ‘trying’ to do it. All ‘doing’ by anyone to include the idea of ‘someone’, stops.

It Is the nature of Receiving to ‘effortlessly’ receive. Ordinary experience by anyone and/or everyone, validates this effortlessness. After ‘seeing’ something you didn’t want to see, can you ‘un-see’ it? When you heard some words uttered to you that you didn’t find kind, can you un-hear it? When you felt some terrific pain in your body that passed through, can you un-feel it? Thoughts -when you think some idea that is hurtful to others can you un-think it?

There is nothing vetting anything here. It is all seen and it all passes through with no holding by The Receiving. Any holding is only done by the idea called ‘me’. The Receiving Is always Present. The ‘me’ is seemingly always attempting to steal presence. The Receiving even receives the illusion of the ‘me’ because ultimately even the idea of the ‘me’ is just another form of phenomena rising/falling.

The Receiving does not stop receiving despite the content because it is not about the content. To give the content importance is to upend Truth having no second. There is only The Receiving. 

‘I Am’ The Receiving not the receiver. There is no receiver. There is no ‘person’ doing receiving. Emptiness Is receiving while always remaining emptiness.

Being willing to receive anything and every thing as It Is Oneness Being Oneness. Nothing touches the Oneness while Oneness touches every thing. Emptiness Is the True Self only receiving Itself, ‘The Receiving’. ‘The Receiving’ is the receipt we are left with in life in order to receive life fully. Saying yes, yes, and yes again to every thing, is the ticket to ride.     

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