There is nowhere to go to get anything. Where would we go? There is no location for Presence. All locations are in Presence. Only concepts separate Presence into us/them and/or here/there. Presence cannot step outside of Itself.

Our Presence is Presence unless we profess a belief outside of our direct experience. We can unconsciously nullify experiential knowing of Self through tireless references to concepts. Concepts that result in only seemingly distancing Us from Us.

Truth cannot be conceptual. That would be a downgrade. Reaching for a concept to understand our Oneness is not the ticket that we ‘think’ it is. The default of always going to a concept to ‘get’ the understanding, is a clear redirection away from Being. Being Presence has no such requirement. Conceptual triggering is the best path ‘away’ from Being Present. It is reflexively going into mind and away from what Is Here. There is only Here with no ‘there’ to get to with any concept.

To create a false space outside of ‘Here’, is to suggest to ‘Oneness’ to step outside of Itself. There is no ‘twoness’ in Oneness. All locations and no location, are where we find Ourselves Present. Simply, there is no place to get to, to Be Present. Oneness cannot have anything missing to require going some place else for some fictional fulfillment.

It is the travel ‘away’ from Here that appears to prompt the false movement to search for some ‘thing’ or concept, that will give us that permanent satisfaction we appear to be looking for in our desperate lives. This would be a search for ‘stuff’ that does not have an independent existence from Being Presence Itself. There is no location to go to, to find false gold. The ‘finding’ is ‘no finding’ any ‘thing’, especially a very temporary creation.

It is the ‘idea’ of a separate incomplete self that has a built in neediness, that prompts pointless pursuits. The illusion that is searching, is the illusion. Illusions can never find a substance to get out of illusion. Illusions can graduate to a better illusion. Still Illusions are clearly dead ends.

Losing identity with an illusion is the problem and solution.

What Is left is substantive nothingness free from any entanglements. The emptiness may appear scary as far as voids are concerned. However, this is a meeting with pure freedom with nothing to get in the way. There is no identity Here to separate into. Fear would be an identity trying to stay separate. Oneness only Sees Oneness. Any false constructs have no business Here.

Leaving concepts is leaving a perseverating mind. What Is Here Is already Here. This Priorness Is Us concept-free. The emptiness is the substance of Presence. Mind clings and tries to know stuff. The ‘Knowing’ is prior to mind, thoughts and concepts. Letting go of this weighty ‘stuff’ on mind, frees up empty space for Being. Being a zero Is Being free from holding, trying, and doing a doer. Life Is living Us effortlessly in either case. We assume our true identity as Life Itself. Presence incarnate.

We Are this openness that has no stuff to hold, no concepts to separate into, and no quantifiable location to reside at. All appearances, nevertheless, are welcome Here. As these too have ultimate Presence as their ancestor. The Priorness, the Location-less, the Presence Is Us effortlessly changing forms with formless-ness as unchanging.

Person and personality change constantly throughout our lives. Waking dream, sleeping dream, or formless deep sleep -all this shifting indicates our true nature. The unchanging aliveness of Presence streams through the various forms untouched and whole. ‘That’ nothing is everything. Be free and always spacious in all states. It Is our true nature Now in this moment and the location-less Here to receive everything and hold nothing.

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