The highest attainment we can achieve is to lose everything.

Now doesn’t that sound exciting, especially when we have always run our life trying to achieve and get somewhere with all that proverbial ‘something’ we thought we needed and did not have. We thought, once we achieve this and/or get this, then our angst will completely disappear.

Subsequent disappointment inevitably shows up. We try again. And again, the long-term struggle follows with the same short-term gain, but our dream of fulfillment vaporized, and our neediness swinging right back to this familiar and delusional self.

So how can losing everything give us an abatement on our struggle with finding satiation with achievement? Why doesn’t achievement work to give us lasting peace and contentment? Can we be honest about the stories we keep telling ourselves? 

Are our stories and beliefs about ourselves the problem? Have we looked there? Have we seen others on the same path with the same repeatable results of inadequacy? The inadequacy is in finding a lasting peace that is not event and/or content-based. There is not enough content and/or events to gives us that imperturbable peace.

The real question is, who has the story and belief about how things should work? Have the stories and beliefs we hold as essential, really essential? What would happen to us if we dropped all stories and beliefs? Would our neediness even exist anymore if we stopped fueling temporary conditions as the basis of an enduring stability?

When there is nobody ‘looking’, then there is only ‘The Looking’. ’The Looking’ does not ‘look’ from a view or somebody. It Is just ‘Looking’ with nobody to ‘look’ through.

In order to ‘have’ a story/belief, there must be a ‘somebody’ to own that. That ‘somebody’ does not have to be real or have an independent existence. Stories and belief create a fictional character not unlike a movie persona. Subsequently we suspend our belief and give the character a so-called real life with goals and achievements. It is an illusion. 

An illusion cannot find peace no matter how ‘good’ the illusion is.

There Is just ’The Looking’, empty of any concepts, goals, and/or beliefs. And the illusion of character in a movie cannot find ’The Looking’. The only hard reality Is ’The Looking’. End of story, end of movie and the end of all beliefs.

We are not bound by our thoughts and/or concepts unless we ‘think’ we are. ‘The Looking’ Is prior to any thought or concept. ‘The Looking’ cannot be found by an illusion in a movie. ‘The Looking’ is the backdrop to all movies and/or characters. 

There is no ‘finding’ here. There is no search. There Is only ‘The Looking’. Look no further than the resonance of existence without any form, history, projection, and/or story. This emptiness Is the Presence of Nothingness, which ultimately Is everything. 

Formlessness Is everything while landing in no ‘place’ to be found. It’s place is every place and no place. It’s view Is every view and no view.

To land a ‘place’ or a ‘view’ is to create a false foundation of a ‘me’ and the subsequent binding of the ‘me’ to thoughts, ideas, and stories.

Lose everything. Be nobody doing nothing. Life and ’The Looking’ Is then living You and the illusion ends.  

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