There is only ‘this’. Nothing exists outside of ‘this’. ‘This’ Is everything. ‘Everything’ includes ’Nothingness’. Why? ’Nothingness’ Is ‘Everything’.

And ultimately there is no difference between them.

This Is the ‘Oneness’.

Everything that happens always happens in the Self sometimes called this ‘Oneness’. There is nothing else.

Perfection always persists. Particularly interesting, is that imperfection is often summarily dismissed as separate and undesirable from the ‘viewpoint of imperfection’. From the ‘viewpoint of perfection’, there is only perfection. It is a matter of viewing ‘everything’ from Nothingness where there are no real boundaries. And there is no real distance between the concepts except when making them more than an ephemeral concept. Every ‘thing’ is equal.

Beingness is not conceptual. If we insists on conceptualizing ‘It’, we then insists on an artificial and conditional existence. We then insist on redefining existence ‘imperfectly’ to suit our ‘ideas’ of self. We then fail to see the Self that connects all the dots. That ‘Self’ allows the play of Consciousness to abraid Itself into a ’seeming’ lesser vehicle.

How perfect! Where is the imperfection?! All must be perfection, else the ‘All’ Itself would be corrupted. The ‘only this’ of ‘Oneness’ would then have an ‘other’. If ‘boundlessness’ Is ‘boundlessness’, then having an ‘other’ would limit the limitless-ness of ‘boundlessness’.

Adding complexity to something so simple is an exercise in futility and misunderstanding. Allowing the perfection of imperfection is allowing perfection to Be perfection. The ‘imperfection’ is a seeming ‘imperfection’. It cannot rival the permanence of spaceless space. The ‘space’ (metaphorically) is never reduced. The temporal does not compete with Absoluteness in It’s absoluteness.

The temporal is a ‘seeming’ temporal. Absoluteness never loses It’s spunk. ‘It’ never is diminished. The ’seemingness’ Is the ‘perfection’.

When we make a full stop for imperfection (at the seeming expense of perfection) we over-entertain the conditional. That ’stop’ then appears to preclude the un-conditional with the ‘emptiness’ then seemingly lost to a lesser vehicle filled with conditional stuff.

Nothing is ever really lost as the bottom line of everything Is Nothing. Nothing never stops Being Nothing. Perfection Loves and Is Perfection.

Accepting all ‘that’ is accepting the brilliance of dimensionless emptiness playing as personal manifestation while being the impersonal un-manifest. The differences only ‘appear’ as differences when viewed out of a very narrow prism. 

There is no ‘place’ or ’state’ to get to by dumping the conditional. The conditional Is the perfection of imperfection. Saying ‘yes’ to the imperfection with full acceptance, Is Knowing We Are the expressing of Perfection Itself. Be ‘that’ effortlessly.

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