The ‘resonance’ is prior to thought or spoken word. What quality of energy do we put in any of our thoughts we think or words we speak?

It’s not like we put our vibratory signature after we think our thoughts or speak our words. Thoughts are our reflections back to us. They are endpoints of energy coursing through the aliveness present in every thing.

Thoughts do not belong to us. They ‘seem’ to be ours when we claim them as ours. Otherwise thoughts have no real home other than an end expression of Awareness Itself. Identity with thoughts is a false stop when viewed from ‘no view’. To stop and ‘keep’ a thought is to separate from the eternal movement of Awareness expressing Awareness.

A thought is like a moving vehicle without a driver. A driver is not needed, as thought is really going nowhere. It shows up as a pointing and then disappears quickly on its own. That is, unless we believe that the location of the thought, must mean that it is ‘my’ thought. Then we can say the thought was ‘mine’ and the consequence of the thought is also ‘mine’. We then appear as if we are driving the thought.

Perseverating this way on thoughts, we may then conclude that we are actually ‘thinking’ these thoughts. A ‘driver’ appears and it is ‘us’ (falsely). The ‘Oneness’ is now seemingly crowded with the traffic-ing and identity of thoughts that then take up the bandwidth of our attention. The subsequent outcome is that the ‘seen’ becomes the foreground and gets reacted to, while the ‘Seeing’ shifts to the background where It is practically invisible.

Despite the above (metaphoric) clouding of the cloudless sky, the resonance always shows up with the thoughts and/or words that carry ‘it’. The pure resonance of an open cloudless sky is available only in absolute Stillness and Silence. When thoughts or words carry resonance, it is like using a vehicle to transport resonance. There is no need for a vehicle in Stillness and/or Silence as there are no thoughts/words indigenous in Nothingness.

The point here is that going to a vehicle is going to a secondary source. The secondary source is oftentimes confused with the core frequency of the resonance. The secondary source aka the vehicle, is not anything but transport. Transport would not even be necessary if the direct path was cleared of attachments.

Once we see that the direct path of unfiltered resonance is always available to Us, we stop using unnecessary transports called thoughts/words to connect to our unfiltered Selves. Thoughts/words will come and go but our connection is now more direct and unequivocally Us Being Us.

The resonance Is Us with no need for a ‘someone’ nor some vehicle to filter It. Going to where there are no thoughts or words or boundaries, we accept our openness as ‘The Openness’. The Openness does not need ‘someone’ to channel ‘Openness’. The Openness is boundless, never changes, letting every ‘thing’ pass through without objection. The Truth Is in the Openness. There are no attachments Here, as where would we hang them?

The resonance Here is a refined frequency of emptiness as ‘this’ emptiness allows anything and everything to exist/not exist going from formless to form and back to formlessness.

The resonance we place in the thoughts and words we use, has a level of integration reflecting our attachment/detachment from Self or self. Superficialness reflects the binding to things, events, and/or objects. Conversely, letting go of the ‘seen’ and honoring the ‘Seeing’, moment-by-moment, accelerates more un-binding and unwinding of these seemingly spurious attachments.

The backdrop to every thing is always the ‘Openness’. It Is the ‘Seeing’ between thoughts, during the thoughts, before ideas, and after everything has passed. It Is the ‘Seeing’ that is the Openness because all is allowed despite it being seen. All is allowed because it is all ‘Nothingness’ to especially include the perceived ‘seen’.

What is prior is also eternal. The ‘prior’ appears to be in time. There is no time, as time is a concept and an abstraction of the never changing Now. The illusion of time supports the illusion of ‘becoming’. There is nothing to become as Beingness is never not Present. Beingness Is Present Now even if we believe otherwise.

The resonance of Beingness is unchanging despite the fleeting appearances. It is to recognize ‘this’ Seeing as the Stillness and the backdrop of nothing, in order to See everything, albeit Be everything. Beingness Is always resonating Beingness.


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