Who ever told you you had a choice? Who ever told you that you can limit the limitless? Can Love be limited and we still call it Love? Who would have the power to limit the ‘limitless’?

If Love truly is limitless, would it follow that only the ‘limitless’ has the power to truncate Itself? Would ‘that’ even be possible given the impossiblity of the infinite being less infinite?!

The conditional ‘love’ that is masquerading as the unconditional Love is not the ‘love’ we are talking about here. The ‘love’ that is choiceless has no bottom or top. Nor does it vary in its quality or persistence. How can it vary given it’s core characteristic of unconditionality?

The ‘love’ that is an extraction of divine Love is a mere imitation of the real thing. It cannot last nor can enough succour be derived from this imitation. Additionally, faux love is very temporary.

Choiceless Love is perfection. It Is the backdrop of whom we Are before any conditions or changes that arise that seemingly may have any impact on Us. It Is not enough only when It Is ‘not’ true unconditional Love. Circumstances and conditions do not change ‘Love’.

The ‘Fullness’ Is this Love. Effortlessness Is this Love. There is no plotting to attain this grace. There is no effort available to garner and gather ‘this’ Love. Any effort to establish ‘this’ Love, is a misguided step away from Being Love Itself. When there is nothing missing what do we think we are doing when we try to add anything to ‘It’? There is no ‘doing’ this Love. It just Is.

Choiceless Love cannot be boxed and given away on holiday. It Is always available, as It Is life Itself expressing Itself in Itself. And there can be no ‘other’, unless we fantasize it. But that would be a cheap and downgraded imitation.

Love is not a choice when It Is whom we all Are. We cannot change perfection although we often try. Perfection Is how things Are. Not accepting perfection is not accepting how things Are. Seeing ‘that’ from unconditional Love Is Seeing clearly. Seeing from some limited view is a false option that doesn’t even exist despite the illusion and conclusion of choice. Leaving the ‘Choiceless’ is leaving the perennial clarity of Fullness.

Love Is ‘what happens’ effortlessly. The position of false self is in no position to ‘do’ anything or make anything happen. The incessant noise of self is always a struggle given its inherent instability. On the other hand, Love is silent choicelessness. ‘It’ Is always in the background streaming It’s endless Love unconditionally everywhere in every Moment.

When absolutely no effort is made to ‘do’ anything, then the Choiceless Love can be evoked from this ‘nothingness’. The ‘Priorness’ is revealed from this ‘nothingness’. Presence Is the emptiness that is easily seen upon losing the narrow view of self for this spacious open field of Awareness.

What Is happening Is just happening with no necessary effort to ‘do’ anything. Trusting the ‘moment’ to be enough Is essentially losing the dross and suffering of ‘how it should be’. Perfection is not an idea. Perfection Is choiceless because there is no chooser. The false self cannot change how things Are. Losing the narrow view changes everything to Everything. When you have ‘no view’ where is the choice? We have never left our eternal nature unless we believe we did.

There is no story of having a choice. Choicelessness Is Us unlimited. Choosing the absolute permanence of Love has already been made by You.

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