From where do we arise? Does ‘from where we arise from’, change? Or is ‘the where’ we come forward to in this moment, really any different at any time, before, during, or after this ‘perceived’ existence? Only ‘Nothingness’ has eternal stability. Everything arises from Nothingness and returns to Nothingness.

The Source is not a ‘thing’ that can be measured by another ‘thing’. The priorness of the Source just Is. How could It be anything? How could It change into a less eternal self?

The everything that we see is truly nothing. It is space holding space that appears as something. The appearance is Nothingness in costume. Yes?

The costuming may include a density that would provoke a mis-identity as someone separate. The density is directly reflective of our attachment to the costume and the story. A greater density does not allow openness to dance the costume as a costume, versus having a firm identity with the costume. My costume looks better than your costume, is an invocation to separateness and identity. There is noone to ‘have’ any thing. It is just a temporary costume.

Nothingness includes everything because everything is essentially nothing. And Nothing is ultimately only Nothingness. The appearance of costuming is a staging of Nothingness. Costume on and costume off leaves only Nothingness.

The owner of the costume doesn’t exist because there is only the ‘costuming’. The costume never existed apart from ‘the costuming’. The ‘costume’ is an appearance and not an existence. Hence, one cannot add a non-existence to existence. Self remains Self uninterrupted.

To ‘Be’ the costuming is to just ‘Be’. Nothing can be added to the ‘Be’. To suggest that we need to add a ‘how’ in order to ‘Be’ would be adding something that would in effect be a subtraction. The Fullness would not be the Fullness if any thing needed to be added to ‘It’.

To ‘do’ anything to ‘Be’, the Fullness would require a separate ‘doer’. Truly there are only clowns taking a bow for this ‘idea’. There are no doers to be found ‘existing’. Adding a ‘somebody’ that is a true nobody and then saying,”Did I do it right?”, is a wholesale dismissal of true Self.

To ‘think’ about being nothing/everything is to immediately step away from Self. ‘Thinking’ without Awareness provokes the question of who would be thinking about being Being? Being does not need ‘thinking’ to exist. ‘Thinking’ gives the illusion of a ‘thinker’. The ‘thinker’ is only an idea that cannot be added to the Fullness. ‘Thinking’ or thoughts, will come and go without the need to place a ‘thinker’.

The essence of Nothingness is only The Knowing of It. All this ‘stuff’ is essentially ‘the Knowing of it’. The subtle resonance of this Knowing reflects the Nothingness and Openness of formless existence. There is no real density/form Here. The ‘felt’ resonance is Present without fanfare. It just Is.

Leaving the density, is favoring the Openness moment by moment by Being Being. Seeing from ‘no view’ is the view of being able to See ‘my view’ again and again, realizing there is only ‘no view’ to have. ‘That’ would be adding nothing to Nothingness. And there Is nothing else. And really, Nothingness Is You.

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