Existence is what? Matter? Where is the ‘matter’? It has not been found yet but the concept appears to make it real, due to archaic belief systems and the grandfathering in of a basic misunderstanding.

What is said about ‘matter’ or more commonly stated, ‘things’, is that there is more space there than the eye actually spies. ‘That’ does have credence due to ‘matter’ essentially then not being mostly ‘matter’ but ‘space’. Can we find the ‘space’?

We easily acknowledge the space because ‘that’ is a most essential element of our so-called life. All ‘things’ are always in ‘space’. Even ideas are in some type of space. The consistency of ‘space’ is unchanging. Everything is in some type of stable space.

Matter (or things) that are in space, are the variables that appear and disappear seemingly with the time element doing the sorting. Existence, by definition, is directly associated with these temporal things that abide in spaceless space.

Is existence then perceived? What are we perceiving when we are perceiving existence? Space? But there are things that we see, touch, smell, taste, and hear. What are our senses telling us?

Behind each of these 5 gates is the Knowing. How do we know we saw something? Will the ‘seeing’ alone tell us? No. The ‘knowing’ which is indistinguishable from any of the senses (or gates), tells us about ‘existence’. The Knowing is present in all the gates. It Is the backstop to ‘existing’ allowing awareness.

Existing is not ‘existence’. Existing is prior to existence. Existing Is the Knowing. Existing and Knowing are essentially the same as no real differences can be found. Existence on the other hand is caught in time and seemingly separated from eternity. There is an end date for all existence. It appears and disappears. Existing never stops existing.

But does ‘existence’ exist? There is a ‘reality’ to existence just as there is a reality to any illusion. When we dream, we generally believe the dream while it is happening. But upon waking we realize its fantasy, its illusion. Similarly, the common waking state that is interpreted from an illusory self, can be said to also be an illusion. Both ‘states’ do have a common hard reality that does not fluctuate, ever. This ‘reality’ is independent of any change. It just ‘Is’. That ‘Is’ is not existence but ‘existing’.

Perceived existence has no stability. No one has an ‘existence’ per se. Yet we all are existing as ‘existing’. Existence is in the subject/object realm. There are no distinctions, no doers, and no stops as being the ‘existing’. Any distinctions collapse in the pure Knowing of ‘existing’. And then there is just ‘existing’.

True nature cannot be found in superficial appearances and existences. Holding a position of ‘me’ is a stark separation from Reality. There is no holding of any position or view in Reality. Reality is not finite and/or a fixed position. It just Is. There is no stop for existence or an illusory ‘me’. Existing is a moving stillness abiding effortlessly.

Existence is tantamount to a real movie. The movie is ultimately an illusion. What is ultimately real, never started or stopped being the ineffable space where the seeming movie takes place. Existing Is knowing the Knowing. Everything leads to this Knowing as everything comes from this Knowing. There Is only the Knowing existing.

We already Are. There is nothing to do but Be the timeless existing before matter, before ‘me’, and before any stops for existence. Pure existing is always full. Abide in the Knowing.

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