The essence of all things is Silence. Silence is not only the backdrop but also the source of everything forward. When going into the depth of Silence we find nothing -but clarity and openness. Silence Is the transcendent field Itself. It Is the ‘Allness’.

Silence is not a perception. ‘Perceiving’ Silence would be a reductive exercise. Perception through the gates (of hearing, tasting, touching, seeing, and smelling) or sense perception is essentially going through ‘stuff’ to find ‘non-stuff’. ‘Non-stuff’ is stand-alone and is not dependent on sensory channels as ‘It’ Is prior to all gates.

Silence is not an experience in that experiencing Silence would be also reductive. ‘Experience’ implies a narrow tiny view of Being that clearly cannot be the Vastness. When ‘All Is God’, there is no view as there is only One view.

What forms does Silence take? Formless Silence takes any and all forms. It speaks loudly but quietly. You cannot hear it but It speaks through words with silent resonance. The resonance is the vibration of Silence speaking loudly and clearly. It’s message Is unmistakable Love. Can one hear another message?!

Words are one of the forms for Silence. But words alone are insufficient to communicate the depth of The Vastness Silence Is. The ‘loudness’ of Silence is before any sound. Om emanates from The Silence. Silence Is first. Silence Is broadcasting 24/7/365. It never misses a beat. You hear Silence first, before any thought or utterance or birth of anything.

Silence is a frequency before, during, and/or after the waking dream/sleeping dream states. This frequency is eternally Present.

There Is only The Silence. But calling It anything is to limit the limitless. Being Silence is not an effort. It Is our True Nature. Effortlessly Being what we un-mistakenly Are is to ‘Know’ Silence as ‘no other’.

There is no ‘start’ and there is no ‘end’. Awareness of Self just Is. Hear ‘that’ Silence in the heart.


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