The Now is not special in that ‘it’ is always present. It appears to act as a backdrop in our lives because ‘it’ accepts distortion of time reflecting back and projecting forward, at ‘seeming’ will. However, it is not effected by the distorting transmutations appearing/disappearing.

The imperfection of ‘time’ is a necessary characteristic for the waking and sleeping dreams that occur. The unreality of the dream is directly dependent upon the platform of Now in order for the dream to have any standing. Without the stability of Now, the dreaming could not even occur. It is noteworthy here to point out that dramatic contrast between the ‘real’ and the ‘unreal’, that clearly represent the Now and the creation of temporary time. Reality is stretched through time, especially when dreaming in waking/sleeping states.

Before our first thought and after our last thought, the Now ceaselessly exists. The Now goes nowhere whereas time slips away as if it never existed.

Being Here Now so fully we lose the concept of time and anchor into existence (or Beingness) where stability of home is profoundly Present. When we are home there is no place where we need to go to. There is a settling, a peace, and relaxation of trying to get anywhere else. Time becomes more irrelevant as the counting and measuring is unnecessary when everything is just right.

The unreality of imagination and/or the revitalization of memories, falls back to Knowing The Knowing. The unreality is exposed through Knowing. And this Knowing Is only Now. This Is the ‘Knowing’ that is pervaded by Awareness that is complete right Now. There is nothing to grasp Here. Fullness is complete. The ‘doer’ is made irrelevant. Now everything just happens with the Now Being Now..

Connecting to immediacy is immediate. Time has no say Here. Is you Is or is you isn’t? Time is not waited upon. There is no I’ll ‘Be’ later. That would be an instruction in futility.

To ask what is real as far as time is or Now is, is futile. Our Knowing Knows without question only Now. Now abides timelessly and immediately. The Now is the substrate of the universe.

The dreaming occurs in time. The Now is before, during, and after the dream. The dream is built-in imperfection. The Now Is perfection holding the seeming dreaming. It is not a ‘special’ state. Rather It Is what ‘It’ Is. Perennially present and vibrantly alive Now abides everywhere always.

Being-ness is perfection Being Being. Time and imperfection create a seeker seeking. There is no one Here in the Now. That Is everything.

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