In order to receive anything our hands must be empty. If we are full of concepts typically we continue to employ more concepts to plumb our understanding further. The non-conceptual Beingness becomes unqualified, by our own hand, to show It’s presence and luminance when we force fit ideas. The conceptual ‘stuff’, seemingly shades the Seeing.

The nature and essence of Self does not push through the obfuscation. There is never any pushing from Being, despite the shading. Being is imperturbably permanent and effortless.

Being Is empty, so empty. All concepts are irrelevant to Being Being. No one can do ‘this’. It is just Being.

Emptiness has no content. Any ‘content’ passes through without any stops. It, content, cannot stay due to content having no continuity of existence. Furthermore, Emptiness is pure permanence that needs no content whatsoever.

Emptiness is not special in that ‘It’ Is everywhere timelessly Being. That being said, Emptiness Is always first and last and forever. Emptiness can never leave Us as It Is Us. Emptiness can not leave anyone at any time despite the effort of ‘pushing’.

One cannot find Emptiness even in It’s eternal presence as ‘Us’. However, It Is right Here right Now. ‘Finding’ It results in It not seemingly Being here. That conclusion is clearly false. There is no ‘finding’, because It was never lost. Nor can we ‘find’ It through ‘normal’ means. How can we find ‘nothing’ or Emptiness? It Is Nothingness that Is alive and Knowing. ‘This’ Is Us. One cannot add something to nothing and then find ‘something’ when all there Is Is Nothingness.

Letting go of all concepts means letting go of the conceptual self. What is left answers all questions. Beingness is the Emptiness, is what we were looking for in life. The finding of ‘nothing’, pure nothingness, is It.

Emptiness Is first. And last. And forever. Losing the ‘me’ (conceptual self), is losing the conceptual basis for existence. We are the formless platform for all of life to take place. Losing all concepts is tantamount to allowing Life to live Life through Us without interference or shading. Clarity arises and effortlessness abides here and now.

There is nothing Here working independently from Life Itself. Any appearance is strictly limited to the cameo of appearance. Emptiness Is You. Everything Is receiving Everything and that Is Nothingness.

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