The ‘me’ is just another thought with as much substance as any other thought. The ‘me’ is also a worn and deepened groove that subsists due to perseveration and false belief vis-a-vis thought/thinking. One thought cannot be had by another thought. Thoughts have no substance as they are all ‘things’ or objects or appearances. Their solidity is mere iteration and agreement and consensus on their illusory importance and false consequence.

So the ‘me’ is a thought and therefore cannot be ‘having’ any thought. That would then falsely be suggesting that thoughts are giving birth to other thoughts when thoughts do not have the capacity to reproduce. Can IPads give birth to other IPads?

Belief is a thought that is an untested hypothesis i.e. a guess. Using ‘a guess’ to substantiate identity is a pretty dicey proposition. The ‘me’ or false self, is living on unstable assumptions. And the ‘me’ never feels balanced and at home due to this inherent instability. Thoughts are temporal fleeting objects not meant to be anyone’s identity. Thoughts are tools not housing.

Ergo, the ‘me’ runs on imperfection. First and foremost is the false creation of a seeker and a sought. Egregious consequences immediately arise as this false start has no happy ending. The false start must be seen as a denial of whom we already Are. Being thought-based from start to finish levels us nowhere but in thought. Demands by the ‘me’ do not end well.

Who is having ‘this’ thought cannot be another thought. Who is having the Silence? The Stillness? The Openness? Certainly not a thing like a thought. How do we ‘know’ that we had a thought or did not have ‘any’ thought?

The backdrop of ‘nothingness’ gives us the access to ‘Knowing’ thoughts and/or ‘Knowing” Itself. ‘Knowing’ Is ‘Nothingness’ without need for any thought. This ‘Knowing’ cannot be destroyed. Causeless existence Is the Knowing. The Knowing never sleeps and is always Present.

The Knowing is the Emptiness, the Nothingness, and the Fullness yet there is no content to It. Content cannot touch this Knowing despite all content being sourced from the Knowing Emptiness. The ‘me’ is essentially spurious content seemingly separated from the Knowing.

The Knowing-ness knows all thoughts as It Is all Knowing-ness. The Knowing-ness cannot be whittled down to a little ‘me’ that ‘thinks’ it knows. There Is only the Knowing that is everything and nothing less.

Suggesting the insertion of a ‘me’ anywhere is to misunderstand true identity. Grandiose ideas and concepts are missing the point of Being effortlessness Itself existing before anything is added to It.

The Receiving Is Receiving The Receiving. There is no other. All thoughts are Being Received by The Receiving. This Receiving is the One Receiving everything.

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