For the mind to find ‘nothing’ when the only thing it can find is ‘something’, is not to be understood by the mind. If there is ‘nothing’, the mind will still find ‘something’ conceptually and render the ‘nothingness’ of ‘nothing’ something. Concepts are barriers to experiencing true ‘nothingness’.

The mind is a thing, a creation that has limitation not unlike any other creation that has finiteness. Ergo, the mind is fleeting, temporarily providing content through a very limited perspective. It is the wrong tool to use when seeking formless existence and ultimate connection.

Presence is not content. Content, like mind, is a thing. Neither of which have existence like ‘Nothingness’. ‘Nothingness’ Is existence. Having Presence Is existence having existence. The Presence of Nothingness is Being the existence of nothing. This ‘nothing’ is something but cannot be a ‘something’. The existence of Nothingness has no form.

The direct experience of Nothingness is not an experience. It is not some ‘thing’ having an experience. It is ‘Experiencing’ having ‘experiencing’. There are no nouns or things Here. Time doesn’t even exist because it is pure experiencing. Receiving the receiving without a receiver in the timeless Now, ‘Experiencing’ abides directly experiencing everything. Experiencing has no room for content except seemingly so. Ultimately it is all experiencing.

Experiencing, clearly is not something that can be found by the mind. Experiencing is putting the mind aside in order to go directly to “What Is”. The filter of the mind would be a limitation that would distort the fullness of “What Is”. Adding a ‘someone’ through the vehicle of the mind filters ‘experiencing’ into an ‘experience’ for a ‘someone’. Of course then, pure experiencing would then not be available to a ‘someone’.

Pure experiencing does not need any one thing to add to It. Adding to It only makes It less available. The point being is that content of any kind is not at all necessary to ‘Be’ It. We already Are ‘the Experiencing’ Now. And only ‘Experiencing’ can Be ‘Experiencing’.

So, what Is always known Is the ‘Knowing’. Even when we don’t know, the Knowing Is Present. Without the Knowing nothing can Be known. Even ‘Nothingness’ is known by the ‘Knowing’. Nothingness has Knowing and Knowing has Nothingness.

The direct experience of Nothing Is nothing but the Knowing. When content is being received without interpretation, then the Receiving is receiving. Any stops for the mind and its activity can directly effect the receiving. As long as content is not a distraction, then content does not seemingly disrupt experiencing and/or the receiving. The ‘Knowing’ knows the difference.

Be the Knowing of Being Nothingness which is directly Being and receiving everything while holding nothing. That Is all.

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