‘Seeking’ spirituality is more commonly, a walking away from spirituality. Seeking something that is a ‘thing’ is not spirituality. If it was indeed a thing, we could all buy some spirituality or perhaps ‘find it’ for free. In either case, a dead end is achieved; as the only thing that can be found is a thing. That would not be spirituality.

Looking for spirituality is futile as there is noone to look, nothing to find, and a clear mis-understanding on what spirituality is. Even defining spirituality is a problem, as even that is a force-fit into a very limited concept. The ‘field’ is not conceptual. It cannot be reduced into an aphorism despite many attempts.

On the other hand there are definite distinctions to be made as to experiential verification of ‘something’ present that is before and after any mind state and/or a single experience. The tenacity of the backdrop cannot be ignored as long as the content in the background is not hailed as a priority. The backdrop is never really seriously considered as a’thing’ due to its non-interference with any ‘thing’. The backdrop is subtle yet pervasive. There is never any interference from space.

Do we often remember the backdrop in a sleeping dream as primary, in terms of what happened? Even in a waking dream aka normal life, we gloss over the background as if it didn’t exist. But what if there were no stable background or neutral ground to distinguish content?! Indeed, the backdrop does not have a running commentary on what is going on in the foreground.

The ‘nothingness’ brings a stark clarity to the presenting reality. The space allows uncluttered phenomena to be known, as without it chaos could not even make an appearance.

‘Not finding’ spirituality is literaly putting a stop to pushing right past it. No place to go is Here. No ‘next’ thing to do is Now. Movement outside of Here and Now is delusion. Only in HERE and NOW, is there clarity. Outside of ‘space’ is not really possible. Outside of Now is not real. Spirituality is constantly happening only in the Moment in the space of pure existence. ‘Trying’ would be another dead end activity. Beingness cannot ‘not’ Be Here. Believing otherwise is another engagement with delusion. As there is no need for trying there is no need for a try-er to pretend that someone is needed to help the Vastness to be the Vastness. ‘It’ Is just happening.

If Beingness feels elusive, it is seeing the foreground at the expense of the Vastness of Being Being first as the backdrop and/or the Source of everything (forward).

The person is merely the happening of an event in the Receiving. The Receiving is only receiving. There is never any lodging Here. It Is all Receiving. There is no recovery of a person because there never was person that needed to be recovered, despite all the protestations. The person is an event like any other event in the happening. It is short-lived. The eternity is in the happening of the happening which is Receiving receiving the receiving.

Letting go of all the ideas of ‘something’ being anything but ‘nothing’, is liberating. Belief in dead ends does not make the dead end viable. The ‘Knowing’ before ideas, that is indigenous to Being, is the ‘Isness’ without the unnecessary conceptual framework added.

Be The Receiving with no stops or qualifications. Emptiness Is Us, The Receiving. Finding spirituality as ‘nothing’ finds everything.

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