Knowing who you are and knowing who you are not, is simultaneously handled by ‘just Knowing’. ‘Receiving’ this ‘Knowing’ is knowing.

‘Not’ knowing who we Are, is not being in receipt of the ‘Knowing’. The ‘Knowing’ Is everything, literally. Not being in receipt of absolutely everything tells us we have not arrived at our true nature despite our True Nature never having actually left.

Having an idea of the ‘Knowing’ is not the ‘Knowing’. Ideas are specialists in ‘not’ knowing. Ideas cannot know this ‘Knowing’. Thinking we ‘know’ is clearly ‘not’ knowing. There is no ‘thinking’ needed, ever.

This ‘Knowing’ is before ideas. ‘It’ cannot be reached through knowledge alone as ‘knowledge’ can become a distancing from Truth. Plus the ‘priorness’ of Knowing dis-allows any ‘reaching’. Presence cannot be lost except ‘seemingly’. Self-Knowledge is our basic fundamental starting point that never ever actually ‘started’ due to time having no constraints on Self.

The ‘Knowing’ is not found so much in the content as in the backdrop. Content is what is changing relative to backdrop which is changeless. The ‘Knowing’ is part of the ‘changeless’ more so than the ‘changing’ but at the same time the ‘Knowing’ cannot be divided up. It Is all Knowing.

Reveling in the ‘Knowing’ Is knowing the ‘Knowing’. Being both the changing and the changeless Is being the ‘Knowing’. The seeming distinction of change and changeless is blurred when all ‘that’ is received is the ‘Receiving’. The ‘Receiving’ being just a moving receiving with no stops for a person or thing. And no time for distinctions and separations from the wholeness of just Receiving/Knowing. It Is all Knowing and all Receiving.

The essential take on all the above is that the esential view is receiving the Receiving while only knowing the Knowing. ‘Thinking’ about all this would be a clear distraction. This ‘Knowing’ is not a part-time gig. And there is no ‘person’ to have a gig. It Is just the ‘Knowing’.

Constantly accessing Self is a necessity, given the depth of our stuckness in the content and the false definition of our identity. Access to Self is always possible. Identifying with the ‘Receiving’ receiving the content, constantly, allows a reorientation to occur, that is, as Divine being in receipt of only the Divine. The ‘idea’ of self loosens to merely an ‘idea’ and no longer an identity.

Freedom Is in this ‘Knowing’.

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