There is nothing but nothingness.

There is a felt sense of Being Here when more emptiness is present. That feeling is the emptiness of Nothingness, with nothing else added to it. Adding anything is essentially a subtraction from Beingness. Beingness as Nothingness, is having that felt sense. Adding anything is adding the unnecessary. 

The ‘felt sense’ is a reference to feeling the direct resonance versus choosing to analyze and slot things into categories and conjuring an understanding.

What is the appearance of appearances and the changing phenomena is no longer the most important thing. ‘No thing’ is realized as everything. Ergo, everything is flowing in and out of Consciousness. Everything is the offering to ‘Nothingness’ as ‘Nothingness’ is realized to be everything.

There is a resting when residing in the permanence of being ‘Nothingness’. ‘Nothingness’ is the openness to letting go of everything to include thinking we ‘know’. Knowing the ‘Knowing’ of Being is enough. ‘Not knowing’ is essentially not over-engaging in ‘thinking we ‘know’, that is, conceptualization. Cognitive understanding would then be conceptual and at a cost and distance from Beingness.

‘Here’, there is no good/bad to separate into nor is there a separate one. Doing and undoing  is part of separation and always subsequent to existence/being.

The stability of Nothingness allows appearances to freely come and go. The point being that without this stability chaos would immediately result. The importance of Nothingness cannot be overstated.

Formless-ness is a subtlety that the mind cannot grasp as there are no handles to grasp. The ‘someone’ is not a subtlety but a fleshy concept. This concept we called ‘me’ is extremely limited in that boundaries ‘there’ are unmovable. Hence, there can be no movement past them.

What truly Is Present seamlessly, Is formless-ness unbounded. There is no start or finish Here, as It Is eternal Presence. Presence, even in the density of fleshy concepts.

There is no movement to Formless-ness as It Is never not Here. In the heart space, It can be felt as a subtle knowing and longing for Peace and contentment and Love. The Formless Subtlety Is all that Here and Now.

The backdrop of everything is Nothing. ’This’ Nothing is the most compelling Nothing. All forms are in this subtle Formlessness, moving in and out of It, effortlessly.

Be ‘that’ effortlessly Now as you can Be nothing else. 

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