Waiting would be in time. Time would be a construct created within the breadth of eternity. Basically time or waiting, would be a subset of eternity. Eternity never actually would be left behind, but rather eternity would ‘appear’ to be in the background. The emphasis on the foreground, i.e. waiting in time, would ‘appear’ more predominant.

It is almost like the emphasis on time has eternity waiting. But ‘that’ cannot be because then we would be giving eternity a characteristic of time. Eternity has no measurement and/or limitation that can house its breadth and depth, especially something like ‘waiting’.

Eternity is immediate. Eternity Is Now. This ‘Now’ is not in time. This ‘Now’ is full with no missing parts. The eternal Now has no parts, or things, or pieces separate from Itself. There are no shapes ‘Here’ as emptiness/timelessness is shapeless.

The formlessness of Now is immediate. The ‘Now’ is not around the corner. The Now is always Present as Now. ‘It’ cannot be clocked like some thing. The unchanging timeless Now cannot be waited for in any time. The presence of Now is Now before and beyond time, with ‘time’ coming and going ‘in’ the Now. The ‘Now’ is not affected by the institutionalization or de-institutionalization of time. Time seemingly marches on. The Now is true permanence.

The ‘longing to Be’ in the Now is coming from the always-ness called Now. This ‘longing’ is meaningful due to its source Being Now ever-present reaching seemingly into time.

To wait and/or get ready to go into the Now is to immediately leave Now-ness. Even when waiting for things to arrive or pass, that ‘waiting’ is an immersive experience away from the Now. There is no reason to wait for anything (and leave the Now). The act of ‘waiting’ itself is an artificial mis-alignment with ‘Now’. Yes, one cannot really leave the ever-present Now. But the creation and investment of a conceptual barrier seemingly separates one from Self in the Now.

It Is just Now. Nothing really can be added except formless ‘nothingness’, which is not a thing.

Too often we engage in the act of waiting. Waiting on what is next is offensive to Being Here Now. Offensive in the sense that we dismiss in a wholesale manner, the ubiquity of Now-ness for a spurious idea of time. Separation occurs because we choose to leave Presence Itself.

In reality, there is nowhere to go, there is nothing to do, and there is no ‘next’ to find. It Is all Here Now. Of course, if we ‘believe’ otherwise we then choose the lesser vehicle, time and time again. Asking what is next is really a not so subtle choice to leave Presence. Being Presence is leaving linear time and what is seemingly next. There is no ‘next’ in the Now. It Is always Now.

There are no lines to Be in the Now. Follow the ‘longing to Be’ back to the eternal Now.

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