‘That’ can be taken a couple of ways. First, Nothingness is not looking for a reaction. Nothingness does not need a reaction. As Nothingness, Nothingness is everything to include ‘seeming’ reactions. Is there anything Here that is ‘not’ Nothingness?! Nothingness Is without the doing of anything.

From the point of view, albeit a more limited view, the idea of a false self presupposes that a reaction is proper and/or required. This created ‘me’ maintains itself by replicating its false existence through a constant rendering of opinion and individual viewpoint. The ‘me’ must be sustained to be the ‘me’. Without the sustenance of pushing its agenda of survival by addition, replication, reaction, and inclusion, the ‘me’ will find itself unsustainable without this artificial iteration. The death of the ‘me’ would be a natural evolution as there was never any real life to it anyway.

Reality of Nothingness shines It’s fullness as complete without any need whatsoever, to include reactivity. The ‘I Am’ Is what is happening. But even deeper is the Nothingness that is moving all ‘that’. What ‘Is before’ cannot be quantified. The causeless cause Is everything. ‘That’ which perceives ‘the knowing’, just Is and that is enough.

The ‘me’ is an unnecessary reaction (itself). ‘It’ goes nowhere. ‘It’ is an endpoint not a beginning. Starting with the ‘me’, is absolutely going in the wrong direction. What Is before the ‘me’ is already Present. Staying Present is not reacting to the endlesss needs of the ‘me’ as our main focal point. Staying Present has no ‘me’ as a viewpoint. When we lose the viewpoint of the ‘me’ we gain ‘no view’ or no preference. That Is everything/nothing.

Since there is no one there to ‘have’ a reaction, we lose the preference for me-ing. Consequently, what is left is sustainable as immediate Presence in what Is before all that other jazz. The point of Being Being is found to be the backdrop of everything and that everything is Nothing. Nothing Is everything because It Is the sustenance of everything. Nothingness Is formless Awareness that has no depth or bottom. Is that not everything?

When we ‘stop’ for the ‘me’ we ‘stop’ Being Being. We stop experiencing and become ‘our’ experience. ‘Having’ an experience is a far cry from ‘just experiencing’. When we ‘have’ an experience, we stop for the ‘me’ to gather it up so the ‘me’ can be fulfilled. The ‘me’ time is mutually exclusive to experiencing ad infinitum. The ‘me’ opts to stop the perennial movment of Being to ‘contain’ the experience.

The question is, can we ever really contain and stop experiencing? Experiencing cannot be stopped except seemingly so. The falseness of the rendering of a ‘me’ is clearly a pretense. There Is only the nothingness of the Oneness. Nothing can be added to this Fullness. The ‘me’ is not a true default. The ‘Real’ Is Nothingness just experiencing experiencing constantly. There Is no ‘other’ Here.

This Nothingness is not an experience to experience. It Is just experiencing ad infinitum. There is no beginning nor end to just experiencing; to just Knowing Knowingness with no stops ever.

The ‘Real’ has no stops or reactions.

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