Awareness never goes anywhere. It always remains Present in the Silence, the Stillness of right Now. It Is the ‘right Now’ having no place to go to as It Is all Awareness.

Awareness Is always still, rather than the unnecessary engaging and perseveration in the identification of thoughts and the meaning of conditions. The ‘idea’ of self Is not Awareness. Awareness of ‘no concepts’ is Awareness Seeing before the establishment of structural conceptualization. Know that. That Awareness can be seen only by the uncluttered open Awareness. The temporary foreground never interferes with the permanence of the background. This is the true view of Nothingness.

However, the tangle of self is an ongoing obsession of constantly adding and maintaining artificial boundaries to secure a more stable self in the foreground. A belief in a separate character is created and sustained through constant efforting. The boundaries of this self are of course self-limiting systems.

The basis of this self is purely conceptual. Concepts are static not dynamic. The stasis of self then demands ‘a doing’. This ‘efforting’ then creates a dynamic separation from higher Self. The ‘efforting’ takes the conceptual base and seemingly activates it as a ‘doing’. These are steps and efforts away from just Being. There Is no ‘efforting’ in Being.

All the effort of establishing/reestablishing a false self results in hitting the proverbial ‘refresh’ button again and again resulting in effortless Awareness seemingly becoming effort-laden. There is no refresh button nor is there a need for one, as Awareness is timelessly Here Now Being Being. Effort-ing is a clear sign we have missed the mark of effortless-ness.

Awareness Is always first as there is no ‘other’ except seemingly so. And ‘that’ is the foreground dancing its dance. What Is animating the foreground is the background, unseen and untouched.

Eternal identity is the backdrop to all appearances. It cannot be anything but first and always first. Location is a limitation. Looking for a location is looking gone amok. There is no center to ‘everywhere’. Eternal identity is the unmoving backdrop of no limitations of time nor space.

Falling back effortlessly into “What Is”, is the background that never changes It’s formless Presence of Now. There is nothing quicker than Now meaning that Now cannot be anything but first always. What is second is temporary. Be First effortlessly.

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