There is no one here to become anything. There is no becoming. What Is Present cannot leave. If everything Is Everything then who am I?

When we are dreaming in sleep, we become a character in a different life. Upon shifting to the waking state, we drop the dream character and load up the character assigned to us in this particular life. Where are we and who are we, between sleeping/dreaming and waking/living? When there is no loading up of a character who are we then?

The I Am is always Present. The I Am Is the dreaming character as well as the waking character. I Am Is the I Am without stopping for any character.

Does the I Am ‘ever’ leave? The question needs to be asked because we act as if the I Am does not always remain. Do we stop existing when we change characters? What is temporary and relatively un-real? What is permanent and always ‘real’? 

The I Am is expressed in the resonance of the words we utter and also in the vibrancy and alive-ness of Being. 

Our true identity is Beingness starting with the I Am. Being-ness is not a character. Characters all have a temporary existence. Being-ness is forever. 

Life Itself is living through Us, playing and casting characters. It is a real movie. But there really is only one star actor. It Is Nothingness. Nothingness is the Life living the ‘me’.

In any movie the actors personality is put aside in order to do a successful casting of a new character. Yes? How is that different from sleep-dreaming and waking characters?

What is clearly needed is emptiness and nothingness to give the best performance in character.  Question is do we really need to load up the character upon waking? If the character needs to be loaded up then do we have to act from the character?

The connection to the I Am ideally is always being acknowledged despite the appearance and/or disappearance of the character. This connection is Present always, despite any refusal to suggest otherwise. Ideally any character we play is played from our true identity of Nothingness. When Nothingness Is Present, a stellar performance is assured. There will be no complications from a competing false self to distort the presentation.

Our entire experience arises in Awareness. Awareness Is emptiness and knowing-ness purporting something/everything. Only the ‘Nothingness’ of Awareness can handle the expression of everythingness. There must be a platform for the expression. Everything always lands on Nothingness. What other platform could there Be?

Nothingness is our true identity. There is no ‘doing’ Here. Any actions taken have absolutely no effect on Nothingness. Just Being. Contrarily, doing and doership is part and parcel of physical space and dream space. The ‘character’ naturally abides there. The non-physical realm is where untouched timelessness Is Being Beingness. The timeless un-manifest Is the Nothingness before, during, and after any manifestation. The changes and appearances seemingly occur in physical realms in time.

The ‘Real’ Is always the ‘Real’. The nature of the un-real is ultimately ‘Real’. Abiding effortlessly as the Nothingness Is always enough whether a character is being played or not. Our true nature Is Here Now. Nothingness abides in all states of Being.

Who I Am Is Nothingness.

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