The ‘me’ cannot be used to get to where ‘You’ already are. Trying to get to Beingness through the ‘me’ Is futile.

Taking the same dead-end road of ‘me-ing’ to get to Beingness is a clear definition of futility. ‘You’ Are already Here. There is nothing ‘to do’ to get Here. ‘You’ Are ‘Here’ where you thought you wanted to Be. That job is done Now. Now the only job left is to See that ‘You’ really never can leave where and what ‘You’ already Are.

The ‘me’ is always ‘after’ Being. Eliminating the supplemental ‘me’ step eliminates a large quantity of distraction and contraction. Problematically, clarity is obscured by all the efforting. There is a very clear defaulting to the ‘me’ that appears to be choice-less. It is choice-less only in the sense that we are unaware that we even made a choice to be the ‘me’. That is the unnecessary effort we often feel is necessary effort a la the ‘me’.

The ‘me’ is seen from what we always begin with as the ‘so-called person’. We Are not the ‘me’ and we are not a ‘person’.  These two limitations pull away from Being-ness. The prior-ness of being Being is the ‘no-view’ of seeing the parochial view of a small temporary self without getting caught in this imaginary self.

This Is Seen every moment, meaning you have entered timelessness and are not being bound by temporary structures. ‘Now’ there Is nothing to get Here because there is no getting to Here. It Is just Being Here Now as always as always can Be. What exists Here has always existed Here Now. We have never left Here.

You can’t go through the ‘me’ to get passed the ‘me’, to get to whom ‘You’ really Are. Realizing ‘that’, then the ‘me’ is put down as a lost cause. If there is a utility of the ‘me’, it is the ‘undoing’ of the ‘me’ and it’s role as dictator in chief. This leaves nothing. Welcome to Reality.

There is nothing to think through. What Is Present has always been Present. Thinking is not the path to get ‘You’ where ‘You’ Is Now. Thinking is the go-to tool that the ‘me’ uses to regain seeming control and familiar comfort. Thinking is a lesser vehicle that is subsequent to Being. 

The ‘me’ is the wrong door. It is really more of a trap. There are no tools or tooling to get to where You Are (unless you ‘think’ so). Thinking is a tool and cannot directly reach Beingness through thinking alone.

Thinking like the ‘me’, is ‘after’ Being. ‘Thinking’ is an appearance that comes and goes. Existence is never moved by any thinking. Any ‘effort’ is unnecessary effort as far as Beingness is concerned. Effortless Being needs no fuel or summons to Be. ‘It’ just Is.

When we See the ‘defaulting’ to the ‘me’, we See the framework of how it works and doesn’t work for being the ‘me’. Seeing the framework, we See the falseness of even using the ‘me’ for and as a means for existing. Existence has no use for the ‘me’ as far as ‘existing’ is concerned. In truth, of course, the ‘me’ doesn’t even exist.

Giving life to an object never really works out in the play of things. The ‘me’ is doomed from the start. And there’s no one processing time. There is no manager on a clock. It’s timelessness Being Being.

Anything added is subtraction. Be as ‘You’ Are -nothing. There’s no trying to be nothing. That would be adding a ‘someone’ and then adding ‘trying’. 

There is no licensing agreement that the ‘me’ has to allow anything to happen or not happen. Having a fictional dictator is fictional. See before the ‘me’ and it’s ‘seeming’ obvious interference to the Silence and Stillness. The ‘me’ protests too much. Just Be the permanent background that supports the arising and falling of the specious idea of the ‘me’. The backdrop never fails to Be.

There is no ‘other’ to do or not do. Just Nothingness Knowingly Being.

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