What leaves first, space or stuff? Perhaps a better question is, “What never arrives or leaves?” How do we measure the continuity of ‘never’? Can the timeless formless ‘One’ be measured?

The stability of ‘never’ is never questioned? How could it be questioned? There is no rope long enough to measure it. Where does Pi end? Emma Haruka Iwao has calculated Pi to 31 trillion digits. Adding another digit only makes the claculation longer. It does nothing to reach the end, which is always adding another digit, so to speak.

If this is not stability then nothing is stability. As a matter of fact ‘nothing’ can’t be measured either. It is when there is some appearance that has no long term stability, that measurements can be utilized. This is to say that stuff (or appearances) are inherently unstable and ultimately unreliable.

Again, ‘stuff’ (or appearances) are measurable and quantifiable and relatively unreliable in the long-term. ‘Stuff’ comes and goes. It comes second and leaves first. What ‘stays’, is the more compelling question. And that is not ‘stuff’.

The over-focus on ‘stuff’ aka ‘the temporary’, to the exclusion of ‘everything that is nothing’, is instability in action, to the expense of substantive but unmeasureable existence. ‘Unmeasureable existence’ is the stability where the measurements of ‘stuff’ take place.

So, in order to measure ‘stuff’ we need to have a secure and stable platform for the accurate measurements to occur. The things that can be measured can only be measured in the space where measurements cannot measure.

Do we see the compelling juxtaposition/contrast in all that?! So without the ‘unmeasureable’ we cannot measure a darn thing. The point being iterated is that we essentially ‘miss’ the ‘greater importance’ of being in the spaceless space rather than having our attention clinging to the apparent and expectant mortality of ‘stuff’.

All forms appear in the formless/timeless Self. Our true identity Is the unmeasureable unknowable Self. Through waking, dreaming, and deep sleep states, this Consciousness continues unabated. This Is stability in action. It Is Conscious space with no dimensionality. It Is openness with no boundaries.

Thinking we are a form rather than Knowing we Are Formless, is missing the spaceless space for what is in the space. Underneath the thinking is the the Knowing of Knowing. Thinking is measurable. Knowing Is Awareness as formlessness Being being unmeasureable existence.

What arrives first doesn’t even arrive as ‘it’ has no arrival or departure. What arrives second always has a start and end date. Being the eternal Self has no starting date as It just ‘Is’ always.

Be first by just Being Being. Nothing needs to be done and nothing needs to be added as everything is Everything Here and Now. There is no arrival and there is no departure. Isness just Is. Do we have space for ‘That’?

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