Does Silence ever change? Is Silence ever silenced? What Is the nature of Silence? Can Silence be quantified?

Silence can go nowhere because It Is everywhere. There is no movement Here. Silence is the substrate of everything. And It cannot be measured as It Is ubiquitous. Everything appearing and seemingly covering up the Silence is silent in the Silence. Silence Is undeterred in It’s Presence. It’s Presence Is before any appearance of any appearance, loud or soft. Silence Is Us uncomplicated, quiet, and complete.

Nothing is ever added to the Silence despite appearances. Nothing can stick to this Nothingness. The source of everything Is Everything which Is Nothing but Silence/Stillness/Openness.

The idea that we ‘have’ Silence is merely an idea carried by a ‘someone’. The ‘idea’ and ‘someone’ are contractions representing a fictional story we believe in. How far is ‘that’ reality removed from Reality?! Can we even ‘See’ the falseness of all that?

Silence, like Life, is carrying us. It Is all Silence. Belief has no business Here. ‘Someone’ does not even exist except as a very temporary character in this play of Consciousness. There Is no ‘other’ identity but the Silence. The Silence is not a mental understanding vis-a-vis the mind. The ineffable Silence Is Us, always before, during, and after any seeming-ness of time. Timeless Silence carries Us as there Is only Silence Itself.

There is no ‘getting’ to Silence as it is all Silence/Stillness/Openess. There is not a ‘someone’ expanding into this Silence. That would be a story. And there is not even losing a ‘someone’ to become this Stillness. The act of expanding or losing a ‘someone’ to reach Stillness is a gaming played by mind. Remove the added activity and added noise by dropping the intrinsic belief in ‘doing’ anything. ‘Doing’ births a ‘someone’. Silence Is timelessly Here Now. A ‘doing’ of any kind is way too much, begetting a false premise.

Resting as the Silence/Awareness/Stillness Is Everything. Nothing and noone needs to be fixed or added, as It Is all this Oneness.

The priorness of Silence has no seeming start or finish. Eternal Presence is always Here between the words, between the thoughts and other appearances. Silence Is also the ‘seeming’ appearances, thoughts, and actions. Even the ‘space’ between things, is seeming. This Priorness has no density. It Is the Formless using an appearance of form. Ultimately everything Is Formless Silent Being Being.

Be ‘that’ effortlessly. There Is no ‘where’ to go.

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