There is no ‘next’ in the Now. In the moment, only in the moment, is there fulfillment. Going someplace else for something else, is reaching too far. It would be out of balance to be out of balance. Fulfillment has to be Now. Fulfillment never exists in the future. And where are we always reaching? 

Looking for fulfillment is not fulfillment. The ‘looking’ is the distraction. It is in ‘time’. Time is an appearance that is intended to be temporary and fleeting. Fulfillment cannnot be found in time as time itself has inherent instability.

What is ‘before’ time, ‘during’ time, and ‘after’ time, that has stability. And ‘that’ cannot be measured as it’s depth and breadth is too vast. ‘That’ Is Us, aka Oneness.

Timelessly, our balance and harmony are Here right Now. We have to ‘See’ we are reaching to ‘know’ we are reaching. When reaching, we feel incomplete because we never really find true fulfillment. The ‘reaching’ exposes our incompleteness. The ‘reaching’ can go on indefinitely.

It is not for the mind to be the authority of what Self Is. The mind is always playing the game of being right, even now as it reads these words. The act of being right is artificial and belongs to a someone trying and doing. The ‘doing’ ends up as the undoing of Being (seemingly). There is no ‘doing’ in fulfillment. It Is pure effortless Being.

Being Is fulfillment. Being Is existing before the overlay of time and the constructs and accouterments that typically define fulfillment. Living Is Now with no ‘next’ and/or “After I get this.” ‘Next’ allows the mind to reach into the construct of time giving it the authority to define the undefinable. Fulfillment Is. Fulfillment is not on a pole just slightly out of reach in some delusional future.

Ideally, there is no looking, just Seeing. Seeing the timeless Spaciousness as true identity. There is no differentiation Here as there Is only one open Spaciousness Being Spaciousness.

Everything Is always complete when It Is Everything. There is nothing to complete as Nothingness is always Everything. The starting and ending are the same changeless point. There is no ‘doing’ Here. It Is a Knowing. Know this resonance as You. There Is no ‘other’. Completeness abides Now.

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