There is no trying to Be someone with a form and a story. Formlessness has none of that. Anchoring in the timelessness finds no one and no story. Timelessness cannot be divined conceptually and subsequently known. The Knowing Is timelessness.

The mind, as the ‘go to’ diviner, cannot ever fully understand timelessness. And that is good because ‘that’ keeps us in the ‘I don’t really know’ field allowing the stopping of conceptual pandering. Once the mind gives up, then the field is clear of all that silliness of ‘trying to know’. 

There is no ‘trying to know’ because that is an obstruction to ‘What Is’ already Here. The ‘Knowing’ of the limit of ‘trying to know’ is knowing not to put any dependence on a failed system of the conceptualization of everything. 

Trying to understand Nothingness with the mind is akin to measuring the ends of the universe with a 12 inch ruler. Ain’t gonna happen. The only tool is Oneness Itself.

Being Beingness has no ‘someone’ needing to Be nor someone needing to understand. The anchor is IN timelessness resonating before all constructs and content. Stories are to be seen through like templates on an overhead projector.

The spaceless space of Being is the fundamental element of whom we are always. Timelessness can infer ’no time’. The measurement of ’stuff’ through space is time. When all ’stuff’ or ‘mass’ is essentially space, where is the time?! Time emerges when there is a separation into some ‘thing’. But this is a seeming and temporary separation where time would then seemingly arise.

When everything is everything time is not necessary because there is no separation into ‘mass’. ‘What Is’ has no mass or stuff to respond to. Having a defined space can give you mass and then time is possible. No space = no mass = no time = no measuring = Nothingness. Being Nothing equals Being Everything.

The poignant question is – are we the content or are we the Openness Formlessly Being spaceless space? Who is asking -the content called matter or stuff? To ask the question is to not know. There is no question needing to be asked in the Fullness. Again, ‘not knowing’ is the openness to Openness.

Spaceless Space is Self Knowing Self with no other. ‘What Is’ is there is no choice because there is only the ‘What Is’. Be ‘that’ timeless One. 

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