We are playing in our own movie. The movie is a real movie but is only as real as the dream we often have when sleeping. Drinking in divine nectar in a staged movie will not get us to the ineffable. The nectar is never really in the created production. Yet, our particular movie is being produced by the ultimate producer. This producer aka Pure Awareness or unfiltered Being, Is before the movie. Getting into a particular scene in the movie is not the goal of the movie. Casting is a done deal i.e. fate. Everyone stars in their own scene in their own movie.  Good acting is playing our part flawlessly as the character while always maintaining our true identity.

To get rewarded in the movie is not how good actors get paid. Imagine if Meryl Streep would be given the option to keep all the riches she had in The Devil Wears Prada. It would be unheard of and meaningless. To suggest to ourselves that we need to score as much stuff as possible during our temporary existence as an actor in our own movie, is to be deluded by the movie. 

Payment can occur during the movie and/or after the movie. Spiritually, payment is getting through the movie unblemished at any time while getting enriched by the acceptance of every particular moment in the film. This is saying ‘yes’ to everything. What the movie ideally does is make us a better actor after each and every scene. Our skill set becomes more natural and we increasingly become more adept at greater challenges. The rewards are non-monetary. 

Our true identity is ideally never lost even in the most tumultuous scenes. Our true identity is not in the movie. We never get lost in this unreality. Moreover, the script is already divined. The movie is in time and the ending is already decided.

There is some room in the movie for a little seeming free will of the character but the script scripts the movie. The character is only a character in a movie.The character does not have an independent existence no matter how liked or disliked. The character is not Us. We are not form.    

There is a hard reality to the movie. And if it is a good movie, we are moved. Good movies, good lives are worth watching. What makes the actor good is the same thing that makes the movie believable. We identify with the characters because they represent us in a similar situation. How actors convince us of the fictional reality is through a complete immersion in the character. After the scene, after the movie they return to their true lives living their personal movie. They do not carry the hard realities of the movie into their personal lives. To do so would challenge their mental health. Our true identity remains unaffected. Good actors walk away as if the movie never happened. 

Standing as Beingness, knowing our true root, we live as Life living Itself. There is no form to laud or reward. There is no character to become anything. Being intoxicated in the bliss is only as bliss and that is always in Being. Sips or glimpses from the Beingness, is only Beingness being. The characters are only in the so-called movie. There are no real characters or movies in Beingness. The characters never become real. The movie can and does seemingly obfuscate true reality but only to the character.

When we are smitten by the profundity of Awareness Being, we access ‘that’ according to our ability to intake the nakedness of Nothingness. More emptiness and less loading up of characters, gives greater access to emptiness. A reaction of more contraction in dense roles, imprisons and limits our access to moments of just Being. 

Typically, the character is being overplayed by the mind. Mind says it is the only thing that needs to be satisfied. And yet, it is never about the mind. The limits of mind are often confronted by a simple “I don’t know”, because mind looks for objects exclusively. Any attached interpretation given by the mind is tantamount to leaving Self. The interpretation is strictly for the mind. ’Not knowing’ and staying in ‘not knowing’ leaves the territory of the mind and can create a beginning for spaciousness to flow.

Fully accepting this moment without interpretation and/or ad lib scripting, is Presence being present to its own Presence. Presence is always empty of content. The baggage of content cannot be carried on the lightness of this implicitness. 

The ‘me’ is the actor feeling that something is missing. Nothingness is Formlessness and Formlessness Is Us. Awareness is identified only with Itself. Even the forgetting is Awareness seemingly forgetting. There is nothing missing as there is no other. The character is not real.

 We cannot fix the movie while believing we are a character in the movie. Timelessness is formless. There is no time, there is no character and there is no movie. ‘That’ movie is ultimately only Formlessness playing form. And perfection is forever formless even when creating a seeming time, a seeming space, and flawed characters. Seemingly, the movie keeps playing and the characters keep acting, all in the stability of Self. 

Watch the movie and play the character from Formlessness. Drink the nectar of Formless Being by being everything and nothing always Now.  This is our true identity i.e. Formlessness.

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