To be ‘that’ ineffable Oneness is to not be anything. To be something is to over-identify with fleeting appearances that have more charm than substance. ‘The substance’ is Nothingness with no position to hold and no sustenance to seemingly get.

To ‘get’ anything is to miss the ineffable. Being the ineffable is the only getting that can be got. And ‘that’ is without effort or doing. Being is just Being straight up. Anything that can be added is temporary and comes with an end date. The fullness of Emptiness is the permanent nature of Being.

The character has nothing to include ‘no humility’. For the character to have true humility is to give the character the false pretense of being something. At the same time, the character may have characteristics that may include humility. Would that be a conflict?

For the character to truly have humility there would then be no real character to aggrandize anything nor to do anything. Playing a character is NOT being a character. Being a character, without seeing the role being played, is a forgetting of true identity. Always remembering who ‘You’ Are, is humility playing the character. Humility knows the Knowing is real and permanent while the character is openly fleeting, changing, and unreal. The character is the ‘unreal’ and cannot sustain anything to especially include it’s false self.

The humility to Be divine is to ‘only Be’ with no stops for any ‘thing’. Nothing can be loaded onto the divine as It already Is everything in form and formlessness. To suggest that we need anything else is to clearly abide in the speciousness of form and it’s lack of substance of Being.

Even waiting to get something else like an epiphany, is trading down from substance. There is no ‘next’ or ‘after this’. These are not humble requests. The arrogance of ‘next’ is clearly a manipulation to get that something that would seemingly make things more complete. Waiting or pushing are activities that take Us out of the Now. Where is the humility in all that? Furthermore, timelessness has no time for that. ‘It’ Is complete Now.

‘Making things more complete’ is abiding and getting lost in the illusion of imperfection. Imperfection is perfection playing imperfection. Imperfection is intended to be seen as the play. Accepting imperfection is accepting the perfection behind it.

Take ‘uncertainty’. Is ‘uncertainty’ ‘certain’? How certain is uncertainty? Pretty certain. There is a clear stability Here. Is there a location for this stability? If there was a location there would not be a stability. Nothingness Is the location-less perfection behind everything allowing everything. That is the certainty.

Humility means that there is no other i.e. position, view, time, place, character. Humility means there is the certainty of Nothingness always Here and Now. Humbly See Nothingness from Here. This Is Divine.

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