Clinging to content is a problem with identity. Clinging is the effort of neediness for something that is only imagined to be needed by imagined self. When talking about a specious identity, we are talking about believing that a concept is whom we essentially are. When putting it this way, the ‘me’ may even resist the idea of being a mere idea. But ‘that’ is the reality of the box we put ourselves in.

The ‘idea’ of being an idea does not sound so good to the mind that can never really be fully satisfied with even a plethora of ideas. Ideas can easily be translated to some type of content that we ‘hold on to’ in order to ‘have’ an identity. Ideas and content are essentially synonymous for this discussion. The mind wants to be the big idea with an abundance of content. Ego loves grandiosity.

Typical identity is typically not with the formless. The ‘idea of self’ even has ideas of the godhead being a mere idea, yet an idea full of a lot of content. Hanging on to this false self and false belief as a personal identity, precludes the reality of ‘Being’ the impersonal Oneness. Trading down for a personal and separate ‘idea’ of Oneness, is an identity lost to vapid ideas. The suffocating ‘idea’ of self finds it’s ideas in it’s truncated world view, thus seemingly limiting the unlimited. ‘Having’ a view, also contributes to supporting the overblown distinction of self, i.e. identity as an utterly false and separate idea of self as ‘self’ knowing this and that.

There is a lot of having and clinging and holding of this stuff called content. The effort of ‘having, clinging, and holding’ is an unnecessary struggle to ‘Be’. These are unnecessary attachments, as We Are already all ‘That’. Ultimately, even content and ideas, are part of the Oneness. Yet content and ideas are not to be pursued as they are temporary phenomena in a phenomenal world. Being is always effortlessly Being, even before the appearance/disappearance of any content or ideas. Only ‘Nothingness’ can be had, held, and clung to, due to zero content (or ideas) present in ‘Nothingness’.

These words point to an unbounded spaciousness, our true identity. ‘Here’ there is only what is happening with no ‘other’. ‘Here’ there is an implicit comfort in being comfortable with no thing/idea. Familiarizing Ourselves with this formlessness is accepting our true identity as before, during, and after any transitory form. There is no clinging to any ‘thing’ Here. Being Here is Being and accessing the formless Self that is everyone and everything while Being nothing. What Is happening is only ‘The Happening’.

Ceasing to cling to the idea and form of the ‘me, ‘ is identity shifting out of form to formlessness. There are no restrictions in this spaceless space. Here, Love is unrestricted and unconditional, filling Itself with Itself. Knowing ‘this’ from Here, Is the Knowing. This Is contentment, actualized formlessly, as Love loving Love. Hold nothing. This Is what Is happening always.

Be comfortable with ‘That’. Contentment abides Here.

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