We are ‘this’ that is happening. There are no stops for a person or any other thing in the ‘what’s happening’. It Is just what’s happening and ‘that’ never stops happening.

Adding a ‘me’ or a ‘you’ is ok for the ‘play of the play’ to occur. But that addition of a seeming self, is the pretense of the play. Reality is not suppressed, diminished, or dismissed in the evolution of the play. The play plays on with Reality being Reality despite the temporary characters.

The point being , we Are ‘this’ that is happening. The idea of an idea having more content as a separate being, is believing in a false reality of the play. ‘That’ is not the point of the play, i.e. belief. Ideas are worked out in the play by the characters. The characters do not ever enter into a true reality. The play is not real other than it is a real play.

There is no real point of the play other than pointing to the eternal reality of Reality Being an expression of Reality. The play is a clear pretense of Reality. The play is clearly temporary and ultimately unreal. The only ‘real’ Is Reality which Is expressing ‘nothingness’ in a seeming ‘everything’ to include a passing play.

The content is the idea of an ‘other’. Both content and/or an idea of an individual, are illusions. These are constructs used as vehicles to express the aliveness of an interminable Self with no ‘other’. This masquerade is for a pretense of hiding ultimate identity only for the period of the masquerade. The characters are all unreal, purposely. When the masquerade ends, Reality remains untouched by the ‘seeming’ reality.

To stop and believe and overinvest in an unreality is clearly pointless due to it never being meant to be real. The masks we wear are for the masquerade and not for becoming anything. Overacting in the play or masquerade is not ‘becoming’ to the Reality we have always been.

To lose our Reality in the play is to corrupt the play in an untasteful way. ‘That’ would be overacting and unprofessional. It would undermine the fantasy making it too serious and distasteful. Integrity is keeping ‘It’ real, never losing Self. Being Self Is effortless. Effort is the over-acting. It is taking control as the character away from the direct connection to the ineffable director. Taking control is not only unprofessional but also taking the character too seriously.

Who Are We? The body is not ‘You’. ‘You’ is before, during, and after the body. Vehicles change daily in dreams. The waking state belief in the body as self, is equally erroneous. The body is just the body. False identity with the body essentially asks the ‘eternal Us’ to believe in mortality. Mortallity is part of the play. The character must die. And really the character never really was except when we ‘believe’ in the play.

We Are the Vastness where ‘what is happening’, is happening ‘in’. All the ‘happening’ is happening in the ‘Unseen’ formlessness. Before body, before thought, before mind we are Existence Itself with no start/finish. What Is happening Is a constant surrender into Itself -the ineffable being Being.

The unreal ‘me’ cannot surrender anything as ‘it’ is unreal (manufactured). Awareness Itself awakens to Itself from It’s seeming conditional self as Self. Ultimately there is no personal in the impersonal. Self can never not be Self.

What Is happening is an unconditional flow of existence -unabated by time or place. Letting go of any stopping anywhere allows the Openness to shine It’s light of true Knowing Now. Feel the Vastness just happening timelessly. ‘That’ Is ‘You’.

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