What is it that identifies us as an ‘us’? Is the conceptual ‘us’ enough to live by and clearly define ourselves for almost a century? Or is there a subtler and deeper reality present that is not defined by the limitation of time and constructs? What is fully present that ‘cannot’ be defined?

Concepts are by their nature artificial constraints on reality. Talking about a mango does nothing to experience its subtle attributes. Staying in concepts has a distinct utility but does nothing to really contribute to experiencing the flavor. Experiencing sensory tastes captures so much more information than a concept can ever hope to attain. The so called ‘information’ that is left out is monumental.

So the idea of a conceptual self, captures only a fraction of what is really happening in a living being, yes? Furthermore, what is scooped up conceptually is an inadequate definition of ‘Self’. As an example, when we read an obit in the newspaper, do we really ‘get’ the individual? Would ‘it’ be the same as meeting the individual?

The answer is obviously ‘no’, not even close. The amount of information that is omitted is the ‘essential’ individual which one cannot put into concepts. The qualities of connection to other beings may be listed but their real dynamics cannot be uttered without sounding superficial and incomplete.

Furthermore, ‘experiencing’ in presence, is markedly different than rerunning an ‘experience’. The ‘aliveness’ of the Moment is far more compelling than playing back the tape. It is a ‘you had to be there’ kinda moment.

The fullness of Now can only be belittled if defined soley by a concept. What is it that is really Present? If concepts can’t get ‘there’ what can? What can is ‘What Is’. ‘What Is’ cannot be conceptual. Making ‘It’ conceptual only undefines ‘It’. Definitions cannot touch the ‘What Is’.

The conceptual self is a failed attempt to try to lock down something that is truly undefinable, especially when using inapprpriate tools that have a low ceiling of divination. Looking for a lost sock with radar will not find the sock. Good luck on finding Self with years of searching through books of concepts. Experience may be found in literature but experiencing is quite a different matter.

What does ‘experiencing’ have over an ‘experience’? When ‘experiencing’ stops it is an ‘experience’. But does ‘experiencing’ really ever stop? We cannot even answer ‘this’ question without being the ‘experiencing’.

‘Experiencing’ never really stops except ‘seemingly so’. ‘Seemingly so’ is an illusion. What is experiencing the illusion? Experiencing the illusion is not the illusion. Experiencing is Fullness Itself. An ‘experiencer’ and/or an ‘experience’ is not the experiencing.

When we seemingly leave ‘experiencing’ we seemingly stop ‘experiencing’. Stopping the ‘experiencing’ is stopping for the illusion of concepts. Choosing concepts is choosing to leave the Fullness of ‘experiencing’ and then using belief and conditioning to seemingly be more comfortable in this faux existence where ‘aliveness’ is artificially quashed and seemingly recalled.

An artifical existence based on ‘lessness’ is achieved, again seemingly. We can live our entire life in constructs and not really know Ourselves fully. ‘The Knowing’ is dumbed down to the un-alive ‘known’. This status then confirms to us that ‘something’ is missing, but what?

Experiencing Is Life living Itself effortlessly. A stop for a character and a story is an unnecessary accouterment deemed ‘necessary’ by a limited idea of whom we think we are. Limitations to the unlimited by the limited, are unnecessary. When we limit ourselves to a mere concept, we limit Our Self to a ‘lessness’ unnecessarily.

‘See’ from ‘experiencing’ and ‘not’ from an inert ‘experience’. There is no stopping ‘experiencing’. ‘Stopping’ is a pushing away from Self experiencing Self to a self (stop). This illusion is not supported by Our ultimate reality as Reality. Thoughts borrow a ‘seeming reality’ from Reality to appear as ideas of reality. Our Reality is not a ‘thing’ and is subtler than any ‘thing’ or thought.

Experience is a thought/thing. Experiencing is before, during, and after the seeming life of concepts/ thoughts/things. Be the continual experiencing experiencing Self as there Is no ‘other’. ‘What Is’ just Is ‘What Is’.

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