Where to look? There is no ‘where’. It Is just ‘Looking’. If the center is everywhere, is there anywhere else? Asking a ‘where’ question when everything is everything everywhere, makes the question moot. Expecting an answer would then create an ‘illusion of place’ based on misinformation and assumption.

There is no ‘where’ Here. The only ‘where’ is everywhere. Going to a limited ‘where-ness’ is a deliberate imposition of limitation on unlimited-ness. The ‘where’ is a limited concept that presupposes limitation. Can a ‘concept’ give you fulfillment? Can a mango be tasted conceptually?

The ‘Center’ is not separate from Self. When we ‘think’ of a center, we often look at the center as the ‘center versus everything else’. The center, by traditional definition, is defined in a ‘this’ versus ‘that’ arrangement. This ‘thinking’ directly reflects the separation we feel as a person separate from other persons. The unity in the diversity is then adversely occluded and supported by this distorted ‘go to’ thinking. The ‘unity’ in the diversity is permanent while the diversity is impermanent.

When we make a temporal and structural diversity a permanent structure, we give undeserved equal status to impermanence, when it is clearly temporary phenomena. The ‘where’ can ultimately only stand as ‘everywhere’ given it too is clearly temporary phenomena.

The Center Is everywhere. When everything Is everything what is anything? Everything is perceived by something in something. And ‘that’ something is not a ‘thing’. Nothingness is unmixed with fleeting content. ‘This’ Is Being the ‘Center’ of everything while Being nothing.

Nothingness Is Looking without stopping for a ‘where’ or any other concept or experience. Reducing Self to a ‘static experience’ is a subtraction from the forever moving ‘experiencing’. Becoming a ‘static experience’ and/or seeking an ‘experience’ is a dead end. There are no stops in Beingness. Beingness Is stillness moving.

The Center is everywhere and nowhere being non-phenomenal. Seeing the Seeing Is knowingly Being Aware. Looking without attachment to things or locations is freedom. We are attached only to Love Being nothing but Love everywhere at all times and places. Attachment to Nothingness is the Center.

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