‘This’ happening is not happening to me or for me. It Is just happening.

What is just happening does not require/expect a presence of ‘someone’ for It to happen. To suggest that a ‘me’ is needed, is to lose sight of Oneness and pretend that some ‘other’ must magically be present for anything to occur.

If absolutely noone is present can anything happen? If someone is ‘seemingly’ present, can things happen? Is the answer to both questions ‘yes’? It matters not in both cases because what is ‘real’ does not react to the ‘unreal’.

If the presence of a ‘seeming self’, that has no separate reality, is really not ‘Here’ separately, is that not the same thing as noone present? Discounting the illusory pleas that ‘separate self’ has about reality, we truly end up with only one ultimate Oneness.

The ‘rub’ is the intractable preferences. What would ‘what is happening’ do if it ran into ‘no preferences’? ‘Having’ preferences results in a cause and effect for the ‘me’ that ‘has’ preferences. ‘No preferences’ accepts the ‘what is happening’ to express itself in whatever way ‘It’ expresses itself. ‘No preference’ is abiding in the Causelessness (without a ‘me’ to seemingly react to ‘the happening’).

It is the ‘me’ that is seemingly ‘doing’ the holding and attracting. What does spaceless space attract in terms of form? Nothingness attracts Nothingness. What are the preferences for Nothingness? There are no preferences for the ‘real’. When everything is the ‘real’ what Is ‘unreal’ (or preferred)? Amen to ‘that’.

Having ‘no preferences’ Is emptiness Being formless. The appearance of change is inherently unstable. The ‘process’ of change has a permanence in this incarnation. The permanence of change is it’s instability in form (the ‘me’). What ‘should be’ is not ‘What Is’. What is temporary and unstable is form. Emptiness/formlessness is always stable and permanent and ‘what Is’ without preference. The ‘me’ is a preference.

Going a little further, what is ‘real’ i.e. permanent, is formlessness. The seemingly ‘unreal’, is ultimately ‘real’ because what is ‘form’ is truly formlessness playing with ‘form’. This is the ‘leela’. Formlessness Being (playing) form.

No preferences is an allowing/accepting of ‘What Is’. Holding space is not holding any ‘thing’. Having ‘no preferences’ is truly beyond the ‘me’.

Intractable preferences are the ‘me’ doubling down on the ‘me’. The ‘me’ cannot help being the ‘me’. The ‘me’ does not want Nothingness. The ‘me’ is preference personified. Losing all preferences loses the ‘me’. What has no preferences Is the Oneness. And the Oneness does nothing to lose all preferences. Oneness just Is Oneness effortlessly.

Be that effortlessness holding nothing but Being everything. ‘This’ Is always happening. There Is no other or preference Here.

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