There is no future for anything. Looking past the ‘now’ is artificially leaving the presence of our Being for a concept. When everything is only happening in ‘this’ moment, ideas of ‘future’ cannot have an existential basis independent of ‘Us’.

A ‘future’ is a borrowing from what ‘is’ happening ‘now’ to a ‘seeming’ future that is ‘not’ happening now. The ‘now’ never changes, as permanence is It’s nature. We cannot have a ‘real’ experiencing in the ‘idea’ of a future.

Even suffering still requires presence to ‘know’ the experiencing of suffering. Experiencing Is presence (in the ‘now’).

No experience desired in the future can end our suffering ‘now’. Any borrowing for the future can only have an impact ‘now’. What is always real and present Is the ‘now’.

What is ‘before’ suffering is the ‘now’. The ‘now’ never changes. It Is always ‘before’. Before what? Definitely before any ideas of the future. In other words, ideas of the future have to start their seeming existence in the ‘now’ as does every other ‘thing’.

The ‘now’ Is. It is not in time. The ‘now’ does not stop or go. We cannot move the ‘now’ from It’s ‘now-ness’ to an imagined past or future. Suffering must appear ‘now’. Suffering is an ‘appearance’ in the ‘now’. An ‘appearance’ can seemingly be ‘after’ the ‘now’, as appearances come and go, but the platform of ‘now’ remains as ‘now’ timelessly.

To end suffering, is to see suffering’s built-in temporariness relative to the permanence of ‘now’. Since our true identity albeit, existence, does not come and go, suffering’s temporariness is a direct pointing to whom we really ‘Are’ -permanence.

This would not be a cognitive exercise rather an experiential ‘knowing’ of pure existence -no additives needed. Anything added, to especially include suffering, is ‘seen’ clearly as a temporary appearance.

Experiencing does not stop for even a pleasant experience. Experiencing is always experiencing (now). An experience of suffering is in time and in ideas of self. Any stop for anything would be an attempt to stop ‘experiencing’. Experiencing cannot be stopped except seemingly so. And of course that stop is illusory.

There is no stop or suffering that can penetrate ‘experiencing’ and/or the ‘now’. Identity with experience and/or identity with ideas of past/future are ‘stops’ that seemingly stop ‘experiencing’ and the integrity of the ‘now’.

The concept of ‘identity’ is not needed in the ‘now’ of ‘experiencing’. Nothing needs to be added to ‘nothingness’ to include a conceptual identity. It just ‘Is’. In other words ‘I Am’. ‘I Am’ is before any identity. Experiencing Is ‘now’ experiencing ‘now’.

There Is no separation ‘Here’. ‘I Am’ Consciousness ‘here’ and ‘now’ effortlessly experiencing experiencing. The future Is ‘now’ masquerading ideas of ‘time’ and even ideas of ‘suffering’. Freedom is seeing the ‘Seeing’ of pure experiencing of every thing everywhere.

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