There is no ‘path’ because it Is all Now. The answers are always Here Now. There is nowhere to go ‘to’ as there is no ‘to’ to go to. When everything is Everything are there any real differences? The ‘two’ that appears is only the ‘One’ hiding in plain sight. Temporary seemingly separate appearances are only reflections of the ‘One’.

There is no action needed in just Being. If Beingness has no ‘doer’ who is doing the doing? The illusion of ‘us’ being the ‘doer’ doing is a seeming stopping of Being. Being cannot be stopped but the illusions will still give consideration to all that.

As far as actions are concerned, what ‘reality’ is operating? Is our reality illusory? Actions taken in an illlusory reality have an unstable outcome relative to specious desires for happiness. The illusory future goal of happiness/contentment is never really fully met. Here the goal posts are moved time and again as the lack of sufficiency is soon heralded upon the completion of a goal. Again and again. The future has no future.

The above scenario is based on actions for the future self, not Presence. There Is no waiting in Presence. The ‘immediacy’ of Presence never changes. To ‘wait’ is to leave the naturalness of Presence. Presence cannot be stopped except seemingly so. The illusion of future commands a ‘doing’. The ‘Now’ says otherwise.

The urgency of the future creates a rushing energy that further separates ‘Us’ due to the space being collapsed and seemingly truncated. The ‘rushing’ appears to fracture and collapse the openness and freedom of spaceless space. Living in the illusion of a future has a direct cost to Presence.

Experiencing is complete without any ‘experiencer’. The flow of experiencing never stops, period. The movement of Beingness never stops to ponder an experience. Experiences are clearly for the separate self alone.

‘Looking’ for a change is a direct resistance to ‘What Is’. By ‘looking’, we essentially say ‘no’ to reality, losing the yes-ness of acceptance.

Spirituality is an illusion. The attempt to change what Is to what isn’t, isn’t acceptance. Resistance to ‘This’ does not feel right because trading ‘up’ when there is no ‘up’ or ‘down’, references empty ideas and positions versus an unboxed Reality. To ‘have’ spirituality is a stopping of Life Itself to have and hold a box full of spirituality.

Nisargadatta -“Happiness is where ‘I’ isn’t.”

Happiness, true happiness that does not waver, is a universal connection for all beings. We Are the happiness we were looking for. This Is ‘It’. Letting happiness have us without reservations is an effortless letting go of every thing.

Nothing is needed Now to ‘Be’ ‘That’. Losing the ‘trying’ of a seeming spirituality is seeing the Seeing.


  1. For example if someone is a junkie, obviously he needs a change, to embrace that reality and continue would be destructive…and what is spirituality? It is not an illusion, it is the only reality.

  2. Self-destructive behaviors are not lauded. Destroying an innocent body is destroying opportunity. Spirituality is not a concept. Ideas of spirituality put spirituality in constraints. Spirituality is not bound or boxed. It Is openness of life living Itself. The ‘doing’ of spirituality makes for a ‘doer’. The presumed ‘doer’ cannot be found. Being aware of ‘what is aware’ can be found.

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