Why would there be? The movie ‘we’ are in has its own conclusion. All the characters in the movie give spice to ‘it’ while only being a movie. The movie is an imitation of Life. It is not Life Itself solely as the movie. Life is not quantifiable as a simple contracted movie.

The movie is not nor can be the vastness of Self. The frames are too small. The movie is a mere illustration and a guide to Seeing the Being from the loss of all limitations.

The limitations of the movie are there to be transcended. They are NOT there to be a restrictive cap. Bowing to limitations results in a dumbing down to an identity that is faux and incomplete. The identity in the movie is best played by ‘no’ identity, whereupon the lifting of this veil, a natural arising of unlimited Self effortlessly occurs playing the character.

This is the point of being in the movie. The movie is not meant to aggrandize the character. Transcending the movie is the point. The character does not even have to ‘win’ to be effective. If every character in the movie was to ‘win’, what kind of pathos would the movie have?

In Life, as in the movie, there are always winners and losers. It is how ‘You’ win and how ‘You’ lose that matters most. The nature of the movie is always temporary. There is a very clear start and very clear finish. What is not so clear is that ‘it’ is a temporary movie. To take the movie ‘too seriously’, is to get lost in something that is not Reality. The character often becomes convinced that he/she ‘is’ the character. This position is at the expense of the movie and the real actor.

The characters are not real, ever. Whether there is a movie or not, the ‘Absolute You’ always remains as the ‘Absolute You’. Our so-called life called this movie is not what Life Is about. Life Is living through the character and not from the character. The character must be played from ‘nothingness’ as only ‘nothingness’ can be empty enough to allow a full-throated character to appear (unmolested).

Suffering a character is a false identity even in a movie. The view of a character is not the only view of the movie nor the non-view of Nothingness. ‘Having’ a view by the character is useful in order to play the character as scripted. To ‘Be’ is beyond the character played. The actor’s true identity is the ultimate director/producer. Ergo, there is Nothing to Become. The actor is already done. The character is already scripted.

No interference from the character is expected when the acting job is not in play. For the character to object to the director even in the movie, is a breach of propriety for the character. To complain about the movie to the director flies in the face of the agreement to be in the movie by the actor playing the character. The actor can never forget that she is not the character in the movie.

The character has no say-so about the movie. The character is fictional from start to finish. Who is the me that wants things different in Life? It has to be the fictional character. Who is watching the movie? Who is watching the movie Is Us.

There is nothing to become as ‘It’ Is already HERE. ‘What Is’ is what knows my experience in the movie, before and after the movie. Letting go of the character and the movie and the experience Is pure Beingness Being. Emptiness Is full of Being the everything of nothing. Holding on to any character, good or bad, is not the point. There is no holding any ‘thing’.

This Is the freedom to Be that is before things, ideas, and roles we play. Openness is the receiving of all ‘that’ and the letting go of all ‘that’ constantly. Be the ‘receiving letting go’. That Is the role of the best actor. Being free in every Moment Is Becoming.

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