‘It’ Is so subtle. The subtlety is an empty spaceless knowing prior to all the thickness of thoughts, ideas, projections, past events, and sensations. The definition of ‘It’ is not any definition. It Is the losing of definition that defines ‘It’.

Definitions would limit the unlimited. Being a ‘thing’ would make ‘It’ a creation. Creations are temporary appearances in time. Time is a construct indigenous to dreaming the dream and/or acting in the movie. Time only exists in the dream/movie.

The timelessness and pricelessness of Love and Happiness knows that there is no one ‘to be’ except the One that has no other. This Is implicit. This ‘knowing’ is found in the unfettered Silence. Having a ‘someone’ is having some ‘thing’. There is no ‘having’ by any ‘thing’ to include a ‘someone’. It Is just ‘This’. To create an ‘other’ is to see from an endpoint; and not from the location-less ‘source’. All appearances to include an ‘other’ have a short shelf life. An ‘other’ and it’s view are time-based illusions in an illusory construct.

Silence tells Us everything by saying nothing. The Nothingness points Us to Us without adding anything. Finding ‘nothing’ finds the subtlety of everything Being Present but with no physical presence that needs to be invested in. The physical appearance is acknowledged as a temporariness of abiding structures where unfettered Beingness confidently plays (leela). Even the seeming physical appearances are emptiness in disguise. Ultimately emptiness Is just emptiness despite appearances.

Appearances Are just ‘This’. Ego wants things on its own terms. When the illusion is operational as ego, it is a layering of thickness of illusion. It does not count more if there is more illusion. All illusion must be seen as disposable. That is, not to be consumed. Believing it, holding it, and living from it, begets more illusion. There is no appearance to ‘This’. Illusion doesn’t have to disappear because it never really ‘was’.

Thinking we are the thickness of self is believing in appearances. Again, there is no appearance to ‘This’. It Is Present without fanfare. There is no reaching for It. Reaching is pushing for something that has always been Here. To ‘do’ Being is to make an effort. Making an effort is leaving our natural Beingness. Adding to Nothingness is a movement away from our true nature.

There is an ‘Isness’ about ‘It’. ‘This’ Is ‘It’. ‘It’ Is deeply Present in Everything as ‘It’ ‘Is’ Everything. And there Is only ‘This’.

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