If there is nothing ‘to do’ then what does the unnecessary activity of ‘doing’ do? Emptiness stops the slide ‘to controlling’ what ‘cannot be controlled’. The ‘doing’ creates a ‘doer’. Contrary to Emptiness, the ‘doer’ separates into an ‘idea’ of self doing. This ‘idea’ is reinforced through a constant repetition as the ‘me’. Now the ‘me’ is in seeming control and won’t let go of a created ‘me’.

What gets occluded in the process is the Emptiness. What gets amped up is an illusory ‘me’. Getting back to the forever of Emptiness cannot be an effort. It is a non-doing. Emptiness does not need to be resuscitated. It always Is.

Being aware of Awareness is Being the Emptiness effortlessly. ‘This’ can never leave as ‘It’ Is not an appearance. The subtleness of Emptiness is an extreme non-doing. ‘It’ is the easiest non-thing to occlude precisely because It is a non-thing.

However, the seeming occlusion cannot touch the inviolability of what has no beginning nor end. We can test this out using the presence of awareness. Awareness is subtly present. What would happen if we ‘try’ to push away Awareness? Can it be done? Can our ‘doing’ do it away? Of course not. Our Awareness tells us that immediately. The above process is an affirmation of Awareness.

The ‘doing’ of a ‘doer mind’ cannot touch or impact the Awareness/Emptiness. What comes and goes is only a fleeting sensation. The seeming overlay of the mind is clearly not the unmoving Reality underpinning the changing change. All change relies on the stability of groundless ground.

There is only one decision to make. That being the change or being the unchangeable. Locking down on what invariably changes has inherent instability despite its seeming importance. Even the inherent instability is still dependent on the groundless ground for its sustenance. Furthermore, the seeming ‘importance’ of the temporary, is undermined by its own nature of temporariness.

Being the unchangeable is accessing what is already present. Any ‘doing’ would be an immediate undermining of Beingness. The ‘space’ does not need objects/things. However, objects and things require space ‘to Be’.

Identifying with an object-based self is Self-defeating. Putting object before Self is discounting and/or eliminating the space that gives objects their appearance. Reality or effortless Being, Is Present before and after any birth or death of objects to include our bodies. We Are what animates our bodies.

There is no separate ‘me’. ‘This’ is only Emptiness. An appearance of ‘me’ can be seen as a vehicle that comes and goes but has no permanence nor identity with whom I Am. Whom I Am Is the Emptiness unoccluded by any thing.

The constant releasing of the temporary, keeps the spaceless space uncluttered and unbounded. This Is the freedom to Be. This Is unconditioned Love/Happiness. Be ‘That’ effortlessly. Spaceless Space Is us.

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