What Is ‘here’ is not a ‘what’. ‘It’ just Is. The ‘here’ that is here cannot leave, ever. It is the ‘here’ or backdrop to all appearances.

The mind and it’s chatter, is a ‘what’. The mind (or thinking) is an object pretending to be the subject. This pretense is problematic. The tool has become the master craftsman. This is the problem of making the mind the subject rather than the object. Or in other words, reversing the background for the foreground.

‘Here’ Is primary. ‘Here’ is essentially the stable foreground not the seeming background. ‘Here’ (thereby) does not move. Appearances like thought and thinking, come and go, while ‘here’ remains unmoving. The seniority lies with ‘here’. Objects like sensations, thoughts, and/or feelings are secondary and not primary.

‘Nothing’ can be added to make ‘Us’ better. This statement tells us who we ‘are’ i.e. the unchanging. In most cases, we essentially want to improve the instability of ‘instability’. And the nature of instability is instability. Nothingness has by it’s permanent nature -stability. Being ‘here’ Is fullness. There is no getting ‘here’. ‘It’ Is always ‘here’.

What Is stable is the true foreground of Being Being ‘here’ and timelessly Now. There is nothing to improve ‘here’. The foreground of ‘here’ cannot be changed.

Moreover, the appearance of a foreground/background is just another appearance. Ultimately, there Is only ‘here’. ‘Here’ Is prima facie with no division into foreground nor background.

The density of creating anything to include a ‘self’ is a density of unstable ‘things’. The freedom of ‘here’, has by it’s nature, perennial freedom, before any birth or death of a ‘thing’.

‘Here’ never moves. There is no ‘what’ in ‘here’. It Is just ‘here’. Engaging a ‘someone’ is engaging a thing that can gain/lose consciousness. ‘Here’ Is conscious Awareness.

Whom We Are is ‘here’ formlessly being everything.

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