Pure space is entirely aware with and/or without contents. It is never an effort to find space. Ergo, it is never an effort to find Awareness. Space is usually not a ‘thing’ that we find. Space is somethng we can see but not normally do we register it as a ‘thing’.

Awareness is naturally present. Awareness is certainly not a thing we can find with mind or other instrumentation. For purposes of illustration, Awareness/space will be used interchangeably but only for illustrative purposes.

There is no ‘I’, that is associated with the small self, to be present in Awareness. The character we play, can never ‘have’ Awareness. Awareness will be present with the character just as illusion is present within Awareness. The character (or illusion) has no control over Awareness.

To place the ‘I’ in the character, as the ‘I’ that has Awareness, is to give illusion, authority over Awareness. That is to say, there is no ‘I’ experiencing Awareness but then to still say so in practice, is to thoroughly abide in illusion.

Re-upping for illusion will always keep one locked down in illusion. This step is preliminary and yet must be seen clearly to avoid stasis in evolution. The character can never be more than an illusion trying not to be an illusion. Do not reenlist illusion.

Again, there is no ‘I’ experiencing Awareness, ever.

Secondly, Awareness is being aware of what is ‘knowing’ of all experiencing. This sentence is speaking with the ‘space’ of ‘no thing’ and before/after the presentation of any ‘thing’. The ‘thing’ is never about the Awareness. Hooking in and getting lost in ‘things’ is an attraction to ‘things’ over ‘Awareness’.

Being aware of being Aware basically is a choice of Seeing the emptiness of a non-thing (called Awareness) over getting reactive and concerned with the content of temporary appearances. The appearances of ‘things’ are temporary/secondary to the space-like Knowing, which is primary/permanent and yet has no thing-ness-like qualities.

Practically speaking, when the appearance of thinking occurs, it is thoughts typically showing up with a very narrow view that will be unconsciously espoused by the character. This ‘view’ becomes the theater of a small character clothed with rampant conditioning and narcissism, guiding decisions. The thoughts, are seemingly coming out of nowehere, they are grabbed, declared ‘mine’, and then taken to be acted upon. The view narrows over time.

The ‘doing’ of the above by the ‘me’ is a doubling down on establishing illusion as primary. If unplesant thoughts come, they do not belong to an ‘anyone’. Assignment does not need to be given.

See from the Knowing to ‘know’ the Knowing. Molesting things called thoughts only results in a perseveration on thoughts. Considering 70,000 thoughts in an average day, the task of editing all that, is really a lot of work to manage. This is especially true when most thoughts have more irrelevance than not.

Be bold. Let go of tasking thoughts like cattle into trucks. The utility of thoughts is to use them only when necessary. Beingness does not ever need to be displaced by a mere ‘thing’ called a thought. The greater vehicle is the spaciousness of everything being Everything. Limited thought cannot see this far.

Formlessness is before physicality. Being Aware of ‘what’ Is Being Aware is Everything. This ‘what’ is the ‘what’ before the landing of any content. This is Seeing the Formless first, always.


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