There are no limits to Love. Limiting Love seemingly steals the breadth of infinity. Suggesting a qualification for Love, when It Is all Love, is an improper limitation.

Limiting Love is limiting the unbounded Self. To even suggest that ‘things’ are more important than the space where they appear, is to miss the point of ‘things’. Love holds ‘things’ as It holds everything. ‘It’ holds everything as Itself. There Is no ‘other’ to include ‘space’. Unboundedness is only Unboundedness and ‘that’ is called Love.

There is no dismissing anything nor getting stuck on anything. Even the seeming ‘space’ is loved by Love Itself as ‘it’ Is Itself ultimately.

Seeing Love first, before any forms or preferences, is Seeing without attachment to forms. If there is an attachment, it is an attachment to formless Love Itself. And the attachment to Love is not even an attachment when considering there is noone to have the attachment. Voila, it Is Love Itself free to Be Itself.

Love Loves Love. There is no person to love because It Is only Love. To ‘have’ a person is no make a ‘stop’ for Love. ‘That’ is too much to be added to Love, that would make ‘Love’ a lesser vehicle. Love has no preferences as ‘It’ Is all Love. There is no binding on pure Love.

Ergo, the power of attention can be a determinant on ‘Being’ Love. Attention and/or awareness of Love, is seeing the traditional background as foreground. Love Itself Is the source Awareness that Sees Itself. This is the Love loving Love. Attending to Love is Seeing the unity in the diversity without getting stuck in the diversity. The diversity is a temporary expression of Love. Love does not change, unlike diversity. Love Is the unchanging background as well as the seeming and changing foreground.

Distinctions are not present in Love. When ‘stuck’ in the foreground of ‘things’ at the expense of ‘Everything’, a shift to the comfortable emptiness of ‘Nothingness’ finds this Love that is unbounded. This shift to the uncluttered background, allows clarity to arise as the untouchable Awareness.

Love Is the expression of Awareness Being Awareness. This subtleness Is Love unchained. The spaciousness of Self has no stops for any ‘thing’ as It Is all things ultimately. To make a stop is to make a stop for illusion. It would be an illusion, as Reality can only be Reality, in Love. Love that is in Love with Itself, with no other gods to worship or stop for, Is pure Love.

Unchain the heart that is bound by things. There is no binding in ‘Love’, ever. Everything Is Love first.

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