‘It’ Is so subtle. There is never any interference from ‘It’. Anything goes. There are no boxes. Pure freedom Is experiencing Itself experiencing. No stops anywhere at any time. This ‘Emptiness’ just Is.

The ‘Knowing’ is the emptiness of Awareness that holds nothing to include a structure. That is the point. It Is just ‘Knowing’.

Emptiness is empty providing a spaceless space for manifestation. The manifestation of people, places, and things, is not the point. Again the point is ‘knowing’ that the emptiness is full even when it is seemingly empty.

The stability of Emptiness has no equal. ‘It’ cannot have an ‘other’, as that would make two different areas of emptiness. Where would the borders be when there cannot be ‘things’ like borders?

Emptiness is still being Emptiness regardless of having content/no content. The direct experience of Emptiness is the fullness of everything while Being nothing. Being ‘nothing’ allows connection to everything. Being ‘nothing’ is not interfering, not justifying, nor allowing or not allowing. It just Is.

The resonance of Emptiness is open unimpeded spaceless and endless oneness.‘That’ is the unimpeded manifestation of and un-manifestation of all things in the timelessness of Now. Even the structure of time has no real back(past) or front (future). It is never not Now.

The ‘permanence’ of Emptiness has no structure as ‘no structure’ is It’s nature. Even this life has no binding structure as demonstrated by It’s evolving unduplicated nature. Each evolution is as different as a snowflake and unique to itself.

The play is by Emptiness and for Emptiness. Emptiness can only be accessed by Emptiness. The character in the play has a narrative for the play. The play needs to be played (but not for the character). We Are the Emptiness always Being the Emptiness. The vastness of Emptiness is always complete. The character is a fictional story-making.

Effortlessly Be this Emptiness Now.

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