The hardest thing is to do nothing. And at the same time ‘it’ is the easiest thing to do. When there is a societal demand to nearly always ‘do’ something rather than ‘do’ nothing, the ‘doing’ becomes a limitation. The ‘just do it’ eliminates the often proper elegance and appropriateness of letting ‘nothingness’ abide.

Doing something most often presupposes a ‘doer’ when in reality, there is no ‘doer’. Doing nothing, in this case, is not a ‘doing’. Here, doing nothing means there is noone to ‘do’ anything. The responsibility of ‘having’ a separate self is operationally eliminated. Thereby what gets done is a matter for Life. Life has no ‘doer’. It just Is.

Life lives through us through ‘experiencing experiencing’. There are no stops Here. To ‘have’ a stop is to have a ‘separate one’. Having a ‘static’ unmoving or stopped experience, is NOT experiencing. The experiencing of experiencing is endless. Attempting to ‘add’ any ‘thing’ to experience is an automatic downgrade to experiencing. There are no stops Here. There is no time Here. It Is all experiencing.

Adding stuff Here means that experiencing is essentially stopping to gawk at ‘what happened’. Experiencing cannot ever really be stopped, except seemingly so. Experiencing Is ‘what Is happening’, always.

The transparency of experiencing is matter-less. There is a transparency that is not colored by any thing. ‘It’ appears to disappear in matter but that is the illusion of matter. There is no illusion to ‘experiencing’.

Experiencing comes with nothing because it needs nothing. Adding to It is a mistake. Again, nothing can be added to It as It Is complete.

Adding something like ‘suffering’ to experiencing is akin to adding an overlay to a very bright projector. At this point, we are projecting some thing we added to the light. The projection is now no longer just light. It is content. Content and more content is not freedom. It is a projection we put on the freedom of pure light. Adding ‘suffering’ is stifling the light.

What Is the light Is the experiencing without any additions of any content. Point being that ‘experiencing’ has nothing to do with suffering or content. Life can only be like It Is. Our projections are the filters we add to the light.

The subtlety of pure experiencing is not the three dimensional movie we are acting in. Experiencing experiencing is watching the movie as we See the light more than the movie. It Is all light experiencing light.

There is no projector, content, person, or position. These are props for light and love to play in. The transparency of experiencing experiencing is finding nothing but light and love. It Is all there Is. It is not about the content. Experiencing experiencing Is boundless transparency permanently full. Be ‘that’ light effortlessly.

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