The ‘Knowing’ is not a thing that we can stop, put into a genre and then be done with it. It cannot be stopped because it is not a thing that starts. There is no arriving for the ‘Knowing’ because It never stops arriving as the eternal Now.

The boundlessness of the Knowing has the capacity to know all experiences. All experiences happen in the Knowing. All experiences are appearances. The constancy of appearances appearing, is constant change, essentially representing the instability of phenomena. This uncertainty can only be seen when there is a ‘certainty’ of no change.

Without a stability present to represent the inherent change, there cannot be an instability to define as unstable. The stability of formlessness underscores the instability.

What is true can be trusted as not changing. What is ‘not true’ can be trusted to change. ‘True’, being eternally present at all times.

The ‘Knowing’ is not known as phenomena. Phenomena of course would be temporary content. Temporary content appears in the ‘Knowing’. To ‘look’ for the ‘Knowing’ is to make an assumption that ‘It’ can be found and known like some ‘thing’ (or content). Only the Knowing can be ‘Knowing’. Only the Knowing can see the ‘Knowing‘.

Using content to see and/or find the Knowing is futile. This would be tantamount of using a movie to find the address of the producer. It cannot happen.

The Knowing is not known by what is in the space. ‘It’ is the space. To ‘know’ the ‘Knowing’ is to Be the ‘Knowing’ which is always Present, with or without the phenomenal.

Allowing all experiences as equally non-essential, is radical from the point of view of transitory phenomena. When there is no point of view, therein lies freedom. There is no fixing appearances. Who is there to fix appearances? The Oneness Is only the ‘Knowing’ of the Oneness. The appearance of a ‘doer’ is subsumed in the ‘Knowing’. There is no ‘other’.

The Knowing Is the moving eternal Now becoming constantly. ‘It’ cannot be known as ‘It’ has no stops in Being just as infinity has no stops. The depth of the ‘Knowing’ or Awareness cannot be plumbed. There are no dimensions to this transparency of Being. Yet, It Is always present.

There is nothing to ‘fix’ and there is everything to ‘allow’. We Are the ‘Knowing’ first and always. The movie debuts, premiers, and closes just like all phenomena. The screen remains untouched.

The ‘Knowing’ is known through phenomena being present in the non-phenomenal. The empty screen allows everything editing nothing. Be the ‘nothing’ in the ‘Knowing’.

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